BENEFITS of Dr Pierre Scrubs:

Dr Pierre scrubs work gently and effectively by dissolving your dead cells and clogged debris without rupturing/sensitizing your skin, and rendering a Fairer, Clearer, Softer, Radiant complexion instantly!

What every other brand does

Facial scrubs found everywhere in the market are nothing but cream soap cleansers added with some coarse grains. Consumers are told that the coarse grains are necessary to render the sand-papering action on skin in order to smoothen it like how a rough-grained wood surface is being smoothened. See the enlarged image of rough edged grains found in competitors' facial scrubs.

The end result? Consumers got to see a dry/dehydrated ruptured complexion, yet with more grease on the surface skin. Consumers are eventually given the impression that their own skin is hopeless, not the products, since no cleansers seem to help. Their ruptured skin will lead to a sensitized complexion or acne breakouts requiring them to seek further acne treatment and acne scars treatment.

We dare to be different!

At Dr. Pierre, we don't launch products on ad hoc basis, but with careful and rigorous research first on what problems consumers are encountered with, and what properties and action a product should possess to effectively alleviate those problems. We then set to make out hundreds of samples through trial-and-error until we could narrow down to a few promising ones, using Dr. Pierre himself and his family members as guinea pigs. The formulas are then further refined to achieve thermal stability, the right viscosity, application safety with no skin sensitizing via human patch tests, appropriate shelf life, and most important of all the final formula must render Fast Efficacious Results. A pilot batch is then made for our close customers to evaluate (and further refined whenever necessary) before going into actual production.

It is with this real passion of Dr. Pierre in his rigorous result-oriented R+D work that today, consumers can truly enjoy the true benefits of many Dr Pierre products.

Distancing ourselves from what others do, we came out with our own unique revolutionary scrub formula by incorporating smooth soft sphearical beads in a unique O/W gentle emulsion. Please see enlarged image of smooth soft sphearical beads in Dr. Pierre facial scrubs #031, #31-D and #31-O.