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Before you register and begin marketing our products, we want to ensure you that we are not just another new fly-by-night skin care company out to scam online customers, or one of the old veteran 'branded' skin care companies who has been successful in using paid celebs' deceptive endorsements through glamorous ads to sell magic potions and panaceans. Instead, those deceitful skin care companies are only selling YOU, the trusted consumers, placebo creams and poisons concocted from free standard formulations provided by the manufacturers' raw materials vendors. They are not authentic revolutionary formulas which the manufacturers and brand owners have always claimed.




These images of city folks say it all and confirm our statement. These are the people who could afford all the branded skin care products and facials at salons and treatments by dermatologists, and yet their complexions are in such dire conditions.


Serious Blemished Skin of City Folks


Singapore Beauty Blogger Juli

On the contrary, farmers and country folks who couldn't afford all these 'revolutionary  beauty care products' and advice from 'professional and expert' practitioners  have much better complexions as shown below.

Beautiful Country Folks

Why and How is Dr Pierre different?

Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals is a well-established Research & Development and Manufacturing company founded in 1982 by Dr. Pierre from Singapore. Dr. Pierre also was the founder of another successful beauty products supply company in 1976 and has been recognized as the Leading Research  Scientist of Herbal Cosemeceuticals and Beauty Therapy. Dr. Pierre is a highly qualified skin care practitioner providing clients with the highest level of skin treatment programs and recommendation based upon his vast, knowledge, competency and experience.   We are trend-leaders in the beauty  industry.

Dr Pierre2  Dr Pierre

Tens of thousands of skin blemish sufferers representing over 95% of our satisfied clients have regained their confidence from Dr. Pierre's Revolutionary Unique Efficacious  formulas - achieving their Youthful Baby-soft Radiant Clogged-free, Acne-free, Pigment-free, Complexion within just days to weeks using our products. 

Please continue reading to learn more and see a few of our Customers' pre & post-treatment images.

Many skin care brand owners are promoting products made by outsourced manufacturers using Free standard formulas supplied by raw materials vendors. Dr. Pierre’s products are rigorously researched and developed  personally by Dr. Pierre to render Efficacious Positive Results….and Results Don't Lie! No Free standard formulas are ever used. This explains why we are second-to-none! Dr. Pierre’s long list of positive reviews, feedback  and customer testimonials are proof of our long-standing commitment to you. We are also proud to share a few of our International Quality Awards which further supports our successful product guarantee..

 Trophy  Recipient of:
- 7th & 9th Europe Awards for Quality '93 & '95 - Paris
- 22nd International Award for Best Trade Name '97
- International Award for Commercial Prestige 2000





Clear Skin and Colossal Commissions make this a Power-packed Affiliates and Home Business Opportunity!

As an Affiliate of Dr. Pierre, you'll be proud to know that you are bringing authentic, effective solutions, almost as if they were God-sent remedies, to skin flaw sufferers that work quickly with visible  results. So, you can confidently and proudly promote Dr. Pierre's products with your head held-high, while earning your own 7-level-deep commissions and bonuses.

Build Your Business with Fast, Free, Affiliate Tools 

We simplify the process for you by providing you with all the marketing materials you need - replicated affiliate websites for Recruiting other afiliates and Product Sales Landing page with an User-friendly Online Order Form, Image Banners, Page Peel Banners, Stop Motion videos, Promo Emails, Text Links etc. - all organized into a neat CategoryTree Structure.

All the hard work has been done for you.

Unlimited Cookie Life Period!

Yes. It's not a mistake. It's unlimited! So, even if the visitor were to return only six months, or a year or two later after his/her first visit to buy the products, you are still entitled to your commission/bonus!
Your Uncapped and Unlimited 7-tier Commission + 7-tier Bonus Reward

7-tier Commision

Your efforts will also be handsomely rewarded with a 7-Tier Basic  Product Sale Commission, PLUS a 7-Tier Group Sale Bonus, payable to you on every 15th of the following month. And with the high repeat order rate we enjoy, your earnings will snowball in a short time so long you continue to work hard to recruit and train your down line affiliates to duplicate your sales methods.

We also have an attractive surprise Reward for the Super-Affiliates, which will be announced in due time.

If you are business savvy, you can see the enormous earning potential with such a Payout system in place - offering 7-Tier Basic Product Sale Commission and 7-Tier Group Sale Bonus to every affiliate from any level. Moreover, this is a ground floor business opportunity offered by a 30-year old established International Europe Quality Award-winning R+D and manufacturing company. If you are still unsure, don't worry. Read on...


Free Products for Financial Freedom! 


Free Product Eval

Since there are multitudes of scams in the Internet Marketing scene, especially in the beauty industry where rubbish in the pots were deceptively marketed as magic potions  and panaceans, to prove our mettle and to allay all suspicions we are offering two of Dr. Pierre's flagship products for FREE. Try out and evaluate the products before you decide to register as a Dr.  Pierre Affiliate. All you need to pay is SGD19.70 for Shipping & Handling and we will send to you two products; first, an Acne Treatment Cream (#M-90-O (Retailing @SGD43.70) and second, a Blackhead Removal Serum (#91S (Retailing @SGD43.70).  The total value of these introductory products is greater than SGD100(including S&H). You can sell or give them away to friends or acquaintances suffering from acne and blackhead-infested conditions. Your prospects can also order them for Free. See these two FREE evaluation products and pre & post-treatment images below:

90-O Bef_Aft





Too Good to be True???

No Card Required!

Don't fret! We don't ask for your Credit/Debit Card information like other scam companies do. We know many have been bitten by untrustworthy companies. Rogue companies would tell you it's free but would require your credit/debit card information, and then quietly bill your card the full retail price a month or two later to catch you off-guard. With Dr. Pierre the SGD19.70 S&H fee is all you pay for our FREE introductory retail-size samples.

Easily Access Your Clicks and Commissions

The best part of our program is that you are given access to your own Control Panel to always keep track of the success of your marketing efforts. We provide detailed reports to View your Clicks, Impressions and Conversions, Success of Your Ad Campaigns, Success of the Affiliates You Referred in order to  help you know where your marketing strategy succeeds and where you need to make changes.

So, what's holding you back? 

Take either or both Actions Now!



And Get into this rare ground-floor opportunity now to receive this Power Packed Home Business Opportunity and enjoy Clear Skin and Colossal Commissions!    

For new affiliates any personal product sales within your first 90 days will entitle you to a special Basic Commission of 30% instead of 15%!

Every New affiliate will receive an instant downloadable eBook version of ‘The Proven Path to Eternal Beauty’ authored by Dr Pierre, worth SGD37!


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