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We don't deceive you with those familiar wild claim terms like FDA-approved, Clinically-tested, 100% Pure/Natural, Non-Chemicals, Paraben-Free, Dermatologists-formulated, Medical Skincare, Instant Face-lift, V-Face Creams, Anti-aging Creams etc.


1) The FDA would never put their heads on the chopping board. Instead, the FDA would only require that manufacturers be responsible themeslves for what they put into their products and how hygienically they processed their products.

2) The so-called Clinical tests procedures are bias. Moreover, anyone can freely make such claims, as there's no governmental body to verify such claims in the skin care industry.

3) No skin care formulation can ever be 100% Pure or 100% natural. Making such claims is preposterous! Dr Pierre is prepared to challenge any formulator or scientist making such claims.

4) Even the air we breathe and the water we drink are chemicals! Everything on this earth are composed of chemicals. If their products are non-chemicals, I don't know which planet they came from that has no chemicals. And, even if what they meant is non-synthetic chemicals, that is also impossible today!

5) Raw materials vendors are the culprits to start this scare tactics by giving Parabens bad press in order to sell their alternative preservatives, which are just a tweak of the old formula.

Phenonip and Fenilight,  both broad spectrum liquid preservatives, are now popular alternatives, so that brand owners can proudly and deceptively make loud claims  that their products are 'Paraben-FREE!'

However, hidden under Phenonip and Fenilight trade-names   Methylparaben and Propylparaben are still part of these new 'Paraben-FREE' preservative, among several other parabens used.


6) Dermatologists are neither researchers nor formulators. Brand owners simply make use of their professional credibilities to earn trusts, for some mutual benefits and secret agendas.

7) Here again, brand owners are simply using the term 'medical' to earn trusts. There's no govennmental authority to approve or disapprove the classification of 'Medical Skin Care.'

8) If Instant Face-lift works, all cosmetics surgeons would be out of job! Many would be happy to pay even tens of thousands of dollars for such non-surgical face-lift products!

9) If V-face creams can really magically reshape your facial features, cosmetics surgeons would also be out of job!

10) No one could stop the aging process except our Almighty God! We can prevent and slow down pre-mature aging, NOT aging! Making such claims is tantamount to claiming that their products are more powerful than God!

We Are NOT One of Them

We are not just another new fly-by-night skin care company out to scam online customers, or one of the old veteran 'branded' skin care companies who has been successful in using paid celebs' deceptive endorsements through glamorous ads to sell magic potions and panaceans. Instead, those deceitful skin care companies are only selling YOU, the trusted consumers, placebo creams and even poisons concocted from free standard formulations provided by the manufacturers' raw materials vendors. They are not authentic revolutionary formulas which the manufacturers and brand owners have always claimed.

These images of city folks say it all and confirm our statement. These are the people who could afford all the branded skin care products and facials at salons and treatments by dermatologists, and yet their complexions are in such dire conditions.

Blemished Skins of City Folks

 Singapore Beauty Blogger Juli

On the contrary, farmers and country folks who couldn't afford all these 'revolutionary  beauty care products' and advice from 'professional and expert' practitioners  have much better complexions as shown below.


Beautiful Skin of Country Folks

Why and How is Dr Pierre different?

Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals is a well-established Research & Development and Manufacturing company founded in 1982 by Dr. Pierre from Singapore. Dr. Pierre also was the founder of anothersuccessful beauty products supply company in 1976 and has been recognized as the Leading Research Scientist of Herbal Cosemeceuticals and Beauty Therapy. Dr. Pierre is a highly qualified skin care practitioner providing clients with the highest level of skin treatment programs and recommendation based upon his vast, knowledge, competency and experience.   We are trend-leaders in the beauty industry.

 Dr Pierre


Founder and Research Scientist


Dr. Pierre

DBA (South Australia), MSc. (M.Inf.Sys.), Dip. M., Dip. I.M., Dip. B.Th., L.T.B.Th.(I.T.E.C.), M.F.Phys., M.L.C.S.P.(B.Th.), M.B.A.B.Th.C., M.Inst.M., F.B.I.M., M.I.I.M.

hundreds of thousands of skin blemish sufferers representing over 95% of our satisfied clients have regained their confidence from Dr. Pierre's Revolutionary Unique Efficacious 
formulas - achieving their Youthful Baby-soft Radiant Clogged-free, Acne-free, Pigment-free Complexion within just days to weeks using our products. 

Please continue reading to learn more and see a few of our Customers' pre & post-treatment images.

Many skin care brand owners are promoting products made by outsourced manufacturers using Free standard formulas supplied by raw materials vendors. Dr. Pierre’s products are rigorously researched and developed personally by Dr. Pierre to render Efficacious Positive Results….and Results Don't Lie! No Free standard formulas are ever used. This explains why we are second-to-none! Dr. Pierre’s long list of positive reviews, feedback  and customer testimonials are proof of our long-standing commitment to you.

International Awards

We are also proud to share a few of our International Quality Awards which further supports our successful product guarantee..

 Trophy  Recipient of:
- 7th & 9th Europe Awards for Quality '93 & '95 - Paris
- 22nd International Award for Best Trade Name '97
- International Award for Commercial Prestige 2000










FREE Products Evaluation

 Free Evaluations

Since there are multitudes of scams in the Internet Marketing scene, especially in the beauty industry where rubbish in the pots were deceptively marketed as magic potions and panaceans, to prove our mettle and to allay all suspicions we are offering two of Dr. Pierre's flagship products for FREE. Try out and evaluate the products before you decide to become a Dr Pierre loyal customer. All you need to pay is SGD19.70 for Shipping & Handling and we will send to you two products; first, an Acne Treatment Cream (#M-90-O (Retailing @SGD43.70) and second, a Blackhead Removal Serum (#91S (Retailing @SGD43.70).  The total value of these introductory products is greater than SGD100(including S&H). If your complexion is not blemished with acne and/or blackheads, you can sell or give them away to friends or acquaintances suffering from acne and blackhead-infested conditions. See these two FREE evaluation products and pre & post-treatment images below:

M90-O Free

 91S Free

Too Good to be True???


Don't fret! We don't ask for your Credit/Debit Card information like other scam companies do. We know many have been bitten by untrustworthy companies. Rogue companies would tell you it's free but would require your credit/debit card information, and then quietly bill your card the full retail price a month or two later to catch you off-guard. With Dr. Pierre the SGD19.70 S&H fee is all you pay for our FREE introductory retail-size samples.

What we are committed is to Deliver
because Results DON'T LIE!

And even at the Dr Pierre clinic, we Achieve this soley with DR. PIERRE Tailor-made Natural Facial Treatments (using only our own Unique Proprietary International Award-winning Herbal Products) with

 NO Electrical apparatus
 Chemical Peeling products
 Abrasive Peeling products
 Painful Squeezing & Scraping
 NO Harmful Pulse Light & Fire Sparks

 NO Post-facial Swelling!

 No more painful tortures and no more dissapointments by other painful and harmful conventional and so-called 'revolutionary' methods. Your skin deserves much better treatment.

Benefits of using Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals products and Tailor-made Treatment Facials

RD for Blackheads Remover



 We deliver Fast Efficacious Results because our products are developed in-house through vigorous R+D with endless continuous improvements.

Absolutely no Free standard formulation given by raw materials vendors is ever used in Dr. Pierre products, unlike others.


We pioneered in conducting regional beauty seminars and workshops, training aestheticians, manufacturing and exporting herbal Skin Care products from Singapore. We also pioneered the world's first Painless Blackheads Remover, herbal acne treatment system and SPF day creams. We're a trend-leader in the beauty industry since the early 1980s!

Now, we offer you all the Benefits of synergy from Dr Pierre's years of Practice, Knowledge Competency and Experience as a pioneer ITEC Beauty Therapist and Beauty Therapy Teacher and as a Research Scientist and Formulator of International Award-winning herbal skin care treatment products.


Others are still squeezing and/or harshly vacuuming out your blackheads because there exist no effective blackheads remover in their arsenal. And.. despite the painful torture endured, you still end up with an inflamed swollen skin and scarring, often with serious acne breakouts thereafter, requiring you to seek acne treatment and repeated painful blackheads removal sessions.

At DR. PIERRE, such harsh treatment method had long already been discarded since the early 1980s.

Blackheads removal is done here in 7 minutes with NO SQUEEZING, NO PAIN, NO TEARS, NO SWELLING & NO SCARRING!

 Bef Black Head removal Girl   Arrow black head removal  Aft Black Head Removal Girl
 Bef BlackHead Removal Guy


 Arrow black head removal


 Aft Blackhead Removal Guy

You regain your self-confidence in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of money spent, without stress and frustrations, and you know - Results Don't Lie!




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