How Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals differs distinctively from all others

1. Benefits/Advantages of Dr. Pierre products as compared to other normal skin care products and/or cosmeceuticals

Products that overly depend on 'branding' to sell, need not have to go through rigorous R+D since a new story repeatedly exaggerated via glossy & glamorous commercials is powerful enough to lure a large number of hopeful consumers. The revenue from only one cycle of consumers (who will not repeat their purchase because they have been disappointed) is more than enough for these companies to retain a handsome amount of profit after paying off the ad fees, and still leaving lots of excess funds to plan for their next 'new revolutionary' product launch with a more interesting 'new story' to lure another cycle of hopeful consumers to part their money.

Such marketing strategy - in the name of branding - is very attractive to companies that are obsessed only with revenue and profit margin. Particularly, in the skin care industry players are very fond of this so-called, 'branding' marketing strategy, since it has been proven to work well.

End-users are unaware that the ever 'new revolutionary' formulas were actually some free standard formulations from raw materials suppliers, and not the superbly formulated end product after years of rigorous R+D by the brand-owner, who will not hesitate to claim. The raw materials suppliers will also often tweak an old formula here and there to offer it as a 'new revolutionary' discovery and offer it freely to any manufacturer who imports their raw materials. So, do bear this in mind and discount their claims at least 99.9% the next time a company launches another 'new revolutionary' product.

One may wonder why within a few months or weeks, even a supposedly 'new revolutionary' formula can be found in many other brands. And as soon as a 'new revolutionary' formula is launched, it will disappear from the TV screen within a few months. Why such a short product life cycle if it is really a 'new revolutionary' formula birthed from years of painstaking R+D work?

At Dr. Pierre, we distant ourselves from those free standard formulations and deceptive stories. Each and every of Dr. Pierre products is rigorously and uniquely researched and developed to render Fast Efficacious Results.

As end-users, your benefits from using Dr. Pierre products are obvious time and cost savings in achieving a clear silky supple fairer complexion, saving all the anxiety and disappointment. Dr. Pierre's Acne Treatment range render Fast Amazing Results. AND Results Won't Lie!

As our distributors or franchisees, you'll be loved and highly appreciated by your customers while earning what you deserve with your heads held high. Competitors will not be able to offer any product close to Dr. Pierre's because their raw materials suppliers will have no clue of our formulas. Unlike a mechanical product where reverse engineering is possible (although time and money may still be a discouragement to some), for skin care products, reverse engineering work to imitate a formula is just too time-consuming and costly, because what one sees are not countable separate components in a mechanical product, but a homogenously-blended emulsion no longer containing the original chemical structure & physiological property of its individual ingredient, but with new compounds. To identify individual ingredients & the content weight of each in their original form in the formula is almost an impossibile task, at least in this century. If you happen to be a competitor reading this article, don't try to imitate our formulas, unless you go to the extent of shameful industrial espionage like one Singapore company did with our Wondergel, and lying that they have formulated their own Marvelgel! You'll surely not going to make it!

Moreover, Dr. Pierre has also a wide range of unique and efficacious Professional Salon Treatment products to service your customers to capture their loyalty to you, so that they will not wonder to other salons whose owners and/or beauticians will no doubt try promoting other brands to them.

2. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Dr. Pierre products

Practically everyone since birth ( if we include shampoos and bath / shower products ). Amongst skincare consumers today, there's a huge demand for products that can address the PAIN and PLEASURE elements.

Owing to the fact that Skincare manufacturing companies at large rely on standard formulations (given them freely by Raw Materials suppliers), to make end products that DO NOT perform and DO NOT deliver the PLEASURE which consumers sought after for beautiful baby-soft youthful complexion, skin care product users continue to suffer the after-use side effects of skin complications like, clogged-pores, milia, coarse skin, seborrhoeic skin, dry/dehydrated skin, pre-mature aging, rash/inflammation, pimples, acne, pigmentation etc. Over ninety-five percent of these consumers end up having to tolerate the painful torture of blackhead removal sessions at salons. More than 70% end up having to seek for remedial treatment.

This is just one example:

Blogger's SKin damaged by Salon

This article is contributed by the STOMP Team. Click to view images and details from source here!

As a result, there's a very large consumer base today looking for:

  • Freedom from the pain of unsightly sores, bumps, whiteheads, and blackheads etc. and the reduced risk of permanent scarring from poor treatment results 
  • No more mornings of anxiety because more acne and other flaws appeared on their skin while they were sleeping 
  • The Secrets about how they can STOP acne and acne scars at the root cause 
  • Freedom from popping pills (if can be avoided), their side effects, and putting harsh unknown chemicals on their skin 
They want back their confidence and self-esteem. Thus, real efficacious skin care products with qualified professional advices that can address these nightmares and PAIN are no doubt highly in demand. 
Men and women with average complexion (with little or no significant skin flaws) are continuously finding ways to enhance their external look. Apart from the popularity of health food these days, skin care products are being sought after as answers to this PLEASURE seeking need.

Thus, real efficacious skin care products that can render this PLEASURE realization will continue to be in great demand!


  • Dr. Pierre was one of the 2 pioneers in Singapore who were certified in 1980 as a qualified Beauty Therapist cum Beauty Therapy teacher by the late honorable Dr. William Arnold-Taylor, who was Life Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine Founder Member U.K. and founder of ITEC, U.K. 
  • Dr. Pierre was also a certified Physiatrist by Dr. Taylor, and is a member of the London and Counties Society of Physiologists (LCSP). He was indeed very fortunate to be personally trained and mentored by Dr. Taylor in U.K. Dr. Pierre also possesses a Masters degree in Information Systems (CQU) and a Doctorate degree in Business Administration (UniSA). 
  • Thirty years experience in the beauty industry - Vast knowledge acquired. 
  • No Standard Formulation - Every product is exclusively Researched and Developed in our own lab. As product researcher cum developer (creator), we certainly know better than many other manufacturers who depend solely on Raw Materials Suppliers' standard formulas. 
  • Professionalism - We conduct our business with the highest professionalism and Ethics. We'll rather decline a deal than compromise our conscience for quick bucks. 
  • Trustworthiness - We are well-trusted by our customers, with not a single complaint to date. 
  • Honest, truthful and useful consultation - We don't beat around the bush if we don't know. 
  • Efficacious products - Our products render Fast Efficacious Results. No false claims! 
  • Wide Selection - Nearly 100 Retail and Salon Professional products to cater to almost every skin type and flaws, including Acne Scars. 
  • No Bad Press - Proof of our high business integrity. 
  • Attractive and High-end packaging - End-users are proud to show/display them. 
  • Long Product Shelf Life - 5 to 10 years guaranteed, or Free replacements. 
  • Available Worldwide over e-commerce - Convenience. We refer e-com customers back to the territory distributor. 
  • Long Product Life Cycle - Proof of our genuine high product quality & efficacies. We need only refine our formula year after year. Most of our products are already over 10 years (some even over 20 years) in the market and still in demand. Most competitors have to offer 'new' products with new gimmicks every few months to replace the short product life cycle of their products, without which their old products will die off within 6 to 12 months. 
  • Testimonials - Lots of Audio and Written testimonials. Many are satisfied customers from our Acne Treatment and Acne Scars treatment courses. Most competitors have only a few, and are mostly fakes. Today, a company can spend USD 1000 to buy 200 fake testimonials, even from MDs from another country!
  • Award winners - Won several Int'l Europe Quality Awards. 
  • Trend-setters - We pioneered many trends in the beauty industry. So, we are leaders, not followers. 
  • Prompt after-sale service - We respond to customer emails within 24 - 48 hours. 
  • 30-day Full Money-back Guarantee - Guaranteed satisfaction! 
  • Availability of Trial Kits (Travel Kits) - Before committing to a larger sum of money for the retail products, customer can try the complete regimen for up to 14 applications at only USD77.70 a kit! Most competitors won't offer this because they know they are going to lose the potential customer, if they allow him/her to try a complete range of trial sizes. 
  • Product Specs - Full specifications are printed on the container or packaging box with full Ingredient List. 
  • Product Usage Directions - Clear complete direction is provided for the complete regimen. 
  • Dr. Pierre Clinic - We run a clinic to service our clients with Dr. Pierre's proprietory Professional Treatment products to complement clients' retail products usage. We can even tailor-make specific products to suit a client's specific skin need. 


1979: 1st to organize a wide-scale Beauty Congress & conducting Professional Beauty Treatment Courses to churn out Professional Aestheticiennes, in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

1981: 1st to organize a wide-scale Aesthetics Acupuncture Congress and conducting Aesthetics Acupuncture Courses for Professional Aestheticiennes.

a. 1st to Research, Develop and Manufacture a wide range of Herbal Skin Care & Acne Treatment Products for skin flaws such as Seborrhea, Pigmentation, Acne, Acne Scars etc..., when every other company was still importing and marketing products without a clear understanding on their suitability.
b. 1st to Develop and Manufacture Eye Gel and Face Gel long before they became popular now.
c. 1st to Develop and Manufacture Facial Scrubs using smooth spherical POE soft beads in mild oil-in-water emulsion base that works even on Acne and Acne Scars, instead of using the conventional coarse pumice sand or almond husk grains in harsh strong soap base.
d. 1st to Develop and Manufacture a range of Professional Tailor-make Active Massage Creams and Active Masks using Active Fluids made from natural ingredients for treating skin problems. This 5-product range consists of herbs like Rose Oil, Grape Fruit Seed, Hop, Calendula, Tea Tree Oil. This allows an Aesthetician to prepare a freshly blended massage cream or mask with the flexibility of adjusting the strength of each ingredient.
e. 1st to Develop and Manufacture Anti-UV Day Creams, Foundations and Lotions for daily use, when other companies still believed that Anti-UV action is only for sunscreen products for beach applications.

1984: 1st to introduce and conduct Courses for Professional and Character Makeup for stage, TV and movies in Singapore. In a national makeup contest, all four of Dr. Pierre's students who participated came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th positions respectively.

a. 1st to Develop and Manufacture the talk-of-the-town Wondergel, the first safe, convenient and painless Blackhead Removal Gel (now known as Ginseng Exfoliating Gel), which has attracted the attention of more than ten Malaysian and Singapore medias including one popular French Beauty Magazine to write more than 30 articles concerning Dr. Pierre's Wondergel.
b. 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to the USA, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

1993 & 1995: Awarded International Europe Award for Quality.

1997: 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to China, and awarded the International Award for Best Trade Name.

2000: Awarded the highly acclaimed Commercial Prestige Award.

2006: 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to the Middle East.

2008: 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to India, and co-branding with Asia's largest hospital management group who builds hospitals and universities to train dermatologists.

2010: 1st to Develop and Manufacture a wide range of Uniqe Professional Tailor-make Active Massage Creams and Active Masks using Nine Active Fluids made from herbal extracts for treating varied skin problems covering blackheads, pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, acne scars and more. Theoretically, this system allows an Aesthetician to blend at the moment of need unlimited combinations to treat almost any blemish - with varied viscosity and treatment strengths.


1993 & 1995: Received the International Europe Awards for Quality.

1997: Received the International Award for Best Trade Name.

2000: Received the highly acclaimed Commercial Prestige Award.


  • Fast Positive Results - realizing Clear Youthful Baby-soft Complexion within a week! Acne treatment for acne and acne scars also renders amazing results!
  • No more repeat disappointment and frustrations - because our products deliver as claimed!
  • No Side-effects - our products have, to date, no report of any side effects. That's largely because every product is pre-tested for side-effects before launch.
  • Save Time and Money - no need to waste more time and more money in buying and trying more products or seeking acne treatment of acne and acne scars to rectify problems activated by previous products.
  • Regain Self Confidence - regaining your Youthful Baby-soft Complexion so rapidly with our products gives you the confidence that you are in control, so long you have the right products & enlightened professional advice, and not because your skin is hopeless.
  • Enhanced Attraction - with confidence and a radiant complexion, you will be more well-liked and loved.
  • Job Promotions - with confidence and a radiant complexion, your personal disposition is also enhanced, and you are more likely to get promotions.
  • More successful career - your network of friends, biz associates, colleagues and peers will enlarge, and will definitely add value to your career.
  • Enhanced Health and Wealth - with no more sleepless nights and worries over your complexion, you will be healthier, more energetic and have a clearer mind and wisdom in sowing the right Thoughts, leading to the right Actions and reaping positive Habits that yield a good and well-liked Character that will bring you to your Destiny of great Health & Blessed Wealth!
  • Blessed Family - with what you are blessed with, they will radiate to every member of your family and your loved ones.
  • Blessed Society, Nation and the Planet Earth - your blessed family members and you will radiate the blessings to Society at large, the Nation and the Planet Earth, and back to yourself and your family!

3. Ingredients specially used in Dr. Pierre products and their benefits which are not commonly found in other products

Most competitors would love bragging that a particular 'panacean' ingredient has been incorporated in their 'new revolutionary' product formula, supported only merely by a beautiful ad-copy story via some glamorous commercials. If it is so simple to claim a product formula as 'new revolutionary discovery' by just adding one or two 'panacean' ingredients, then that product will never be unique or revolutionary, because every other manufacturer can also simply add that 'magic' ingredient in their formula. This product has no Unique Selling Proposition (USP) if every other brand can do the same.

At Dr. Pierre, you will be surprised to hear from us that we are just using basic U.S. Pharmacopea (USP) and British Pharmacopea (BP) grade raw materials and herbal extracts, with nothing to brag about in this aspect. However, what made our products unique and highly efficacious is our rigorous R+D work, and our blending skills of the right ingredients and proportions to offer end products that render great synergistic actions to yield Fast Efficacious Results. Thus, every Dr. Pierre product has its Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

This can be easily illustrated by a musical piece. Every song-writer/composer uses the same musical notes from various octaves, and organizes individual parts to be played by any musical instruments and gadgets of their choice, but only a small number can produce great musical pieces that can last for centuries. The song can have the best pianist on earth to play it but, without the right combination of the other players' parts, instruments, volume, feel etc. the final musical piece produced can still be a disaster and nerve cracking to the audience ears. On the contrary, even if every member in the band or orchestra possesses only average musical skills, but when each is given the right part to play with the right feel and volume the final musical piece will sound great. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of a song, clearly, does not come from One great musician or singer (who can easily be engaged by another record company), but from the right combination of so many aspects of things which cannot be easily copied. This is then the real Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and formulating a great skin care product with real Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is no difference from producing a great final musical piece.

If you're a competitor who happens to be reading this article, don't try to imitate us. You will not succeed in creating the same power and attraction of that final 'song' that Dr. Pierre has put together, unless you're willing to spend the same years of painstaking research work like he did.

4. How are Cleansers, Toners, Whiteners etc of Dr. Pierre products different from other such products available in the market in terms of benefits

Competitors will often launch a 'NEW' cleanser every now and then on ad hog, with a new story. Over time, consumers are offered an accumulated number of unrelated cleansers, each having its own 'panacean' ingredient that is supposed to make that cleanser 'Revolutionary.' After some months of heavy advertising, most of their 'Revolutionary' cleansers will just disappear overnight from their product line, to be replaced by 'Newer Revolutionary' ones and the game continues. At Dr. Pierre, every cleanser is formulated to ensure that it helps and complements in acne prevention or acne treatment and acne scars treatment enhancement.

While brand owners other than Dr. Pierre continue to benefit from consumers buying their ever new stories, consumers receive no benefits but only confusion and frustrations in witnessing their complexion becoming worse day after day, and ending up having to seek acne treatment or acne scars treatment.

Consumers are also told to buy a separate makeup remover, apart from the daily cleanser, as if removing makeup is much tougher than removing daily staled grime and dirt, and as if one needs only a less effective cleanser in removing daily staled grime and dirt.

Not only are consumers ending up with two cleansers, but stains of staled makeup and staled grime and dirt are still accumulated after every effort to remove them with the two cleansers. Overtime, pores are more clogged and complexion becomes coarser and dull, with signs of pre-mature ageing. Acne breakouts become norms.

That poses another great opportunity to create another money-churning product to offer consumers with the hope of ridding their coarse complexion - Facial Scrubs and other acne treatment and acne scars products!

Facial scrubs found everywhere in the market are nothing but cream soap cleansers added with some coarse grains. Consumers are told that the coarse grains are necessary to render the sand-papering action on skin in order to smoothen it like how a rough-grained wood surface is being smoothen. See the enlarged image of rough edged grains found in competitors' facial scrubs.

Coarse Grain in Conventional Blackhead Removers Scrub

The end result? Consumers got to see a dry/dehydrated ruptured complexion, yet with more grease on the surface skin. Consumers are eventually given the impression that their own skin is hopeless, not the products, since no cleansers seem to help. Theur ruptured skin will lead to acne breakouts requiring them to seek further acne treatment and acne scars treatment.

At Dr. Pierre, we don't launch products on ad hoc basis, but with careful and rigorous research first on what problems consumers are encountered with, and what properties and action a product should possess to effectively alleviate those problems. We then set to make out hundreds of samples through trial-and-error until we could narrow down to a few promising ones, using Dr. Pierre himself and his family members as guinea pigs. The formulas are then further refined to achieve thermal stability, the right viscosity, application safety with no skin sensitizing via human patch tests, appropriate shelf life, and most important of all the final formula must render Fast Efficacious Results. A pilot batch is then made for our close customers to evaluate (and further refined whenever necessary) before going into actual production.

It is with this real passion of Dr. Pierre in his rigorous result-oriented R+D work that today, consumers can truly enjoy the following benefits listed below with the respective cleanser:

91S ClearPore Serum (version 3 Blackhead Remover - A serum that very effectively loosens all stubborn blackheads visibly right before your eyes, with NO SQUEEZING, NO PAIN and NO TEARS!
Benefits: Achieve a clear clogged-free radiant silky complexion within minutes without all the pain. Great for acne treatment and on acne scars lightening too!

10F AA Refreshening Fluid - A water-thin liquid cleanser that removes also makeup effectively, for Acne Skin.
Benefits: Achieve a clean fresh radiant complexion with only one cleanser, while treating your acne and acne scars (safe also for non-acneic skin).

14 Chamomile Cleansing Cream - A Oil-in-Water (O/W) emulsion cleanser that removes even thick opera makeup only in minutes.
Benefits: Achieve a clean fresh clogged-free radiant silky complexion with only one cleanser. Great to include in your acne treatment and acne scars regimen.

14D Ginseng DeepCleanse Lotion - A Milk Cleanser that removes even lip color without leaving any color stains.
Benefits: Achieve a clean fresh radiant silky complexion with only one cleanser.

16 Ginseng Cleansing Milk - A Milk Cleanser that hydrates dry/dehydrated skin.
Benefits: Achieve a clean fresh radiant silky complexion.

17F DeepCleanse Refreshening Fluid - A water-thin liquid cleanser that removes also makeup effectively, for Sensitive Skin and acne skin.
Benefits: Achieve a clean fresh radiant complexion with only one cleanser. Great to include in your acne treatment and acne scars regimen.

31-D Sage Purifying Scrub - A soft spherical beads scrub for Dry Skin, that gently dissolves dead cells and clogged debris, leaving skin silky, radiant, soft, smooth and youthful.
Benefits: Achieve a clean fresh clogged-free radiant silky complexion. Great to include in your acne treatment and acne scars lightening regimen.

31-O Sage Purifying Scrub - A soft spherical beads scrub for Oily/Normal Skin, that gently dissolves dead cells and clogged debris, leaving skin silky, radiant, soft, smooth and youthful.
Benefits: Achieve a clean fresh clogged-free radiant silky complexion. Great to include in your acne treatment and acne scars lightening regimen.

Distancing ourselves from what others do, we came out with our own unique scrub formula by incorporating smooth soft sphearical beads in a unique O/W gentle emulsion. Please see enlarged image of smooth soft sphearical beads in Dr. Pierre facial scrubs #31-D and #31-O.

Spherical Soft Beads in Dr. Pierre Blackhead Remover Scrubs

Toners have been in the market for decades. Consumers are told that after cleansing, toner must be applied to moisturize the skin. However, most toners found in the market are nothing but merely water with coloring and nice smelling fragrance. Worse, many even contain a high concentration of ethyl alcohol to act as preservative to kill water-borne bacteria and as solvent to the fragrance, while rendering a cooling effect on the skin and quick evaporation when applied. Consumers are misled into believing that the toner has unique properties for rapid absorption into skin when in fact they are actually evaporated due to the volatile nature of alcohol.

At Dr. Pierre, we discovered that after a good cleansing, when the pores are really clear and unclogged, the skin can absorb very well of what follows. Thus, it makes sense to follow up with a toner specifically formulated in providing the real need to the end-user's skin. Hence, Dr. Pierre has developed a range of 7 toners with benefits as shown below :

PCode Description : Benefits
#60 Myrrh Toner : Achieve a moisturized skin with anti-acne action
#62 Witch-Hazel Toner : Achieve a moisturized skin with pore-refining action
#63 Camphor Toner : Achieve a moisturized skin with oil normalizing action
#66 Aloe Toner : Achieve a good hydrated skin
#67 Licorice Toner : Achieve a moisturized skin with anti-inflammation action
#68 Vitamin C Toner : Achieve a moisturized skin with whitening action
#69 Collagen Toner : Achieve a moisturized skin with rejuvenating action

There are many whitening products offered by competitors, each with different whitening agent and method of bleaching or whitening skin cells. Many companies claim that their one single whitening product alone or treatment procedure can whiten the skin within minutes of application and has the ability to sustain, as if the skin is a sheet of material that can be washed, dyed, treated and bleached instantly.

However, we found that any single whitening treatment result is only temporial whether by bleaching agent (such as hydroquinone used in many whitening products), Intense Pulse Light (IPL), micro-dermabrasion, acid peel and the like. Some treatment products and procedures can even lead to skin sensitization and complications lasting from days to years. Some will cause acne breakouts requiring further acne treatment and/or acne scars treatment.

We, at Dr. Pierre, advocate that the optimal treatment method is best to flow along with nature and with skin's metabolic function.

We discovered that one's complexion will be smoother and fairer with enhanced cell metabolism, and cell metabolic rate is enhanced when :

a. Products applied are non-comedogenic, to avoid debris buildup and clogged pores.
b. Cleansers are able to cleanse very well without leaving stains, yet keeping skin hydrated/moisturized.
c. Pores are clear (unclogged), because any useful efficacious properties from a product can be better absorbed.
d. UV rays can be shielded daily (and not just at the beach), to avoid collagen damage.
e. Products applied possess the capability in revitalizing/rejuvenating cells.

With the above findings, even Dr. Pierre cleansers are uniquely formulated to render a much fairer complexion after each application, because they are non-comedogenic and they cleanse very well leaving no stains (thus, clogged-free), yet leaving skin hydrated/moisturized. This enhances cell metabolic rate and helps lighten acne scars.

As for Dr. Pierre toners, although #68 is specifically formulated to help speed lightening pigmented cells, all the remaining toners render great moisturizing action in keeping skin hydrated/moisturized, thus, enhancing cell metabolism and helps lighten acne scars.

Dr. Pierre day creams (#74-P & #76-P) are uniquely formulated with 3-in-1 functions - anti-UV, moisturizing and natural makeup foundation. Although #70 day cream is transparent in texture (without the makeup foundation shade), it also offers anti-UV & moisturizing actions. All of these incorporated actions enhance cell metabolic rate and helps lighten acne scars.

Products #98 (with natural makeup foundation shade) and #98S are blended with ingredients that lighten melanin cells while moisturizing the skin. Product #98 is also a great cover-up cream for pigment patches. It works great for lightening acne scars.

Product #79-P possesses 4-in-1 action - anti-UV, moisturizing, natural makeup foundation and lightening melanin cells. It is also a great cover-up cream for pigment patches. It works great for lightening acne scars.

All Dr. Pierre night creams (#84, #86, #87 & #89) are also non-comedogenic and with properties to nourish, moisturize and revitalize to enhance cell metabolic rate. They all help lightening acne scars.

Even all Dr. Pierre masks are formulated to provide adequate moisturizing action besides each individual mask's specific action, to ensure that enhancement of cell metabolic rate continues, and acne scars are lightened.

In conclusion, what makes Dr. Pierre products so different from and so effective than the others, is our holistic approach in doing things. Each product recommended in a complete regime for a customer complements and effectively enhances the other to render Fast Efficacious Results, and RESULTS Won't Lie!

Competitors work on ad hoc basis, ending up with a range of unrelated products that do not complement one another, and often discontinuing and replacing products due to their very short product life cycle, because they do not deliver as claimed. Worse, since competitors' formulas are given them free from various raw materials suppliers their products will never work like family-related formulas. Moreover, many brand owners outsourced different products to different contract manufacturers (eg. One cleanser to vendor 'A', another cleanser to vendor 'B', toner to vendor 'C', day cream to vendor 'D', and so on), while promoting them as a set/range of family products. So, their problems are compounded - product formulas are Free standard ones that every other manufacturer also have access to PLUS formulas coming from different unrelated vendors.

End-users of Dr. Pierre products witness rapid complexion improvement, especially when using our complete range from cleansers (daily cleanser, facial scrubs, exfoliating gel, clear-pore serum) to toners, day creams, night creams, masks & treatment products.

For acne treatment Dr. Pierre products render amazing results like the images shown below:


 Acne Treatment Bef





 Acne Treatment Aft




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