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USEFUL LINKS - Reports And Articles On Acne Treatment Scams & Product Frauds even by Giant Drug Companies

Big Pharma Companies Are No Saints. So, Are Their Skin Care Products More Reliable?

The Medical profession is a respectable profession, and Doctors solely rely on Pharmaceuticals companies for supplies of their goods thus, their livelihood as well.

The consumer world takes everything manufactured by Pharma companies as Panacea and God sent. These companies often abused consumer trust and, for the sake of profitability, commit frauds without hesitation as you will find out from the linked reports and articles here.

Skin care products from Pharma companies are also always thought to be the most authentic and reliable. If it is for acne treatment or acne scars they dared to boast and brag even much louder because they are the makers of healing products for doctors!   However, even the once popular Accutane (or Isotretinoin) by Roche Holding AG (the most sought-after Acne Treatments / acne scar product administered by dermatologists) has to be withdrawn from the market recently due to over 5000 lawsuits filed by patients who experienced severe side effects or whose loved ones experienced adverse reactions following Accutane use. 



With so many repeated fraud cases committed by giant Pharma companies who could afford the fines and could afford repeating their frauds, do you still think highly of their skin care, acne treatment and acne scars products?

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