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031 Ginseng Purifying Scrub

Containing soft spherical beads and works slightly differently as ClearPore Serum blackhead removers



  Dr Pierre #031

  A specially concocted herbal scrub, formulated with multi-herbal extracts to allow gentle exfoliating actions to remove deeply embedded grime and build-up. It is suitable for all skin types, and should be used 1-3 times weekly in the morning and/or night, after proper cleansing. For Acne sufferers, apart from being excellent in blackheads removal it is also a safe non-abrasive Acne Remedies Cleanser with anti-phlogistic properties.


You'll achieve a clean clear silky radiant baby-soft skin within less than 5 minutes, without any harsh painful sand-papering action on your delicate skin, like other scrubs do. 


Blackheads Remover coarse grains


 Blackheads Remover SoftBeads

Rough-edged grains in conventional scrubs which work by sand-papering your skin, leaving it coarse and ruptured! Due to its rough-edged grains and soap base content, it's unsuitable for use as Acne Remedies Cleanser


 Soft smooth non-abrasive spherical beads in Dr. Pierre Ginseng Purifying Scrub which act as transport to carry the unique emulsion base into deeper uneven skin grooves and hair pores, to gently dissolve clogged debris. Great as an Acne Remedies Cleanser too!


* Alcohol, Fragrance & Coloring Free.
* Gentle & completely free of irritating solvents.
* Removes dead cells & grime build-up.
* Refines coarse skins effectively without altering the natural pH of the skin, & without robbing the
skin of its natural moisture.
* Fine, soft & smooth spherical beads gently remove surface and embedded impurities & imperfections.
* The unique blend of extracts of Sage, Chamomile, Tansy, Burdockroot, Hops & Lavender yields also soothing & purifying actions.

* It is not only a great gentle Black head Removal Scrub for black head removal, but also an excellent non-abrasive Acne Remedies Cleanser


1. Massage gently with fingers or rotary brush (without wetting) on face & neck for about 2 minutes, until cream liquifies.
2. Remove with dry tissue.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water (using sponge if desired).
4. Tap dry with towel or tissue.
5. Follow-up with Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals Ginseng Active Aqua 069 or any Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals active toner of choice.
The skin will then be sparklingly clean & refreshed to benefit from subsequent treatment.

Note: You may alternate 031 Ginseng Purifying Scrub with 91S ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover or 17 Ginseng Exfoliating Gel.


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