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91S ClearPore Serum (Blackheads Remover)

World's First Efficacious Blackheads Remover With NO SQUEEZING, NO PAIN, NO TEARS, within 7 minutes !

 Dr Pierre#91S

A refreshing and gentle Herbal ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover for everyone to achieve a silky clogged-free complexion. #91S Clearpore Serum works by gently dissolving & removing even stubborn & deeply embedded-debris while simultaneously moisturizing and revitalizing your skin to render a more youthful baby-soft and silkier clogged-free radiant complexion. An excellent Acne Treatment product and for Acne Scars too.


Regain your clean clear clogged-free youthful baby-soft radiant complexion without having to endure the torture of painful squeezing and harsh vacuum suckion, all within 7 minutes! Double as an Acne Scars Cleanser and Acne Treatment Cleanser!


* Alcohol Free - Does not dehydrate your delicate skin.
* Gentle & refreshing, & completely free of irritating solvents - Does not sensitize your delicate skin.
* Fragrance Free - will not activate UV-radiation reaction.
* Multi-herbal Exts. - excellent moisturizing, soothing & revitalizing actions, rendering your complexion more Moisturized, Softer, Silkier, more Refreshing and more Youthful.
* Unique herbal blend - deep cleanses, purifies extra oily skin & dissolves & removes embedded-debris while simultaneously moisturizing and revitalizing your skin.

Note: Acne sufferers should use it as Acne Scars Cleanser for your daily Acne Treatment routine.


1. Apply adequate amount on clogged area or whole face, after normal cleansing(no wetting), & leave on for about 5 mins. For Acne Scars and Acne Treatment cleansing routine, may also apply on whole face.
2. Gently massage with dry fingers for 1-2 mins(Blackheads and Clogged debris will surface visibly if done correctly).
3. Next, remove stains with dry tissue, & rinse thoroughly with running water.
4. Tap dry with tissue or towel.
5. Follow-up with a Dr. Pierre Toner of choice.

Note: You can alternate 91S ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover with #031 Ginseng Purifying Scrub(V2 Blackheads Remover) or #17 Ginseng Exfoliating Gel.

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