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By Dr. Pierre

DBA (South Australia), MSc. (M.Inf.Sys.), Dip. M., Dip. I.M., Dip. B.Th., L.T.B.Th.(I.T.E.C.), M.F.Phys., M.L.C.S.P.(B.Th.), M.B.A.B.Th.C., M.Inst.M., F.B.I.M., M.I.I.M.

The Internet is a huge resource centre for anything under the sun. However, for areas relating to the beauty industry, particularly on Acne, Treatment of Acne, Blackheads Removal, many are unreliable, hearsay and copycats posted by people and companies who have their own agenda.

Below is a list of articles by Dr. Pierre and have currently been republished on this web site. Nevertheless, if you do have an article or editorial that you know is original, accurate and feel would be appropriate to publish please contact us at

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