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Acne & Acne Scars Treatment

Images of various types of acne scars


Acne Scars1



The topic for scars here is primarily referring to post-acneic scars, although squeezing on blackheads and small pimples can also lead to scarring. 

Acne is a lesion starting from a single hair follicle (pore).  

If addressed and properly treated early with the right product coupled with good hygiene habit it will usually heal without scarring. 

When mishandled with itchy fingers and poor hygiene habit it will exacerbate and spread to the surrounding pores damaging the affected cells and tissues.  

As the battle between your body’s own defence system and the acne bacteria ensued, the battlefield manifested itself as a red inflamed lump known as papules, growing bigger in size and getting more painful as the battle is fought harder.  

So acne papules have no pus yet – just inflamed lumpy swells. 


Cross section drawing of an acne papule 



 Acne Papules 

     Acne Papules    


When the bacteria are dead, their corpses turned into pus, and the lesions are then known as pustules. 


Images of Acne pustules 

Acne Papules 

While seeing papules turning into pustules is a good sign that most bacteria are dead, many factors and sudden change of events can prolong the battle thus allowing the bacteria time to turn into mutant bacteria. 

E.g. When you have a prolonged illness and are weak, you are overly dependent on anti-biotics but are not doing your bit correctly; you continue fiddling and pricking with your bare fingers and nails; you used anti-acne products that dried up not only the acne but also your surrounding skin area; you used soap to clean your face; you either stopped using any skin care products completely or you used products that have aggravated your condition; you went for facials using harsh treatment method, harsh products and electrical/electronic gadgets; you have a poor and unhealthy diet & you don’t drink  sufficient amount of water; you keep late nights; you keep long hair but washed only once weekly; you exposed yourself frequently to polluted environment and did not practice a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. 

So, as time flies, your condition worsens. More tissues are damaged causing deeper indentations. Smaller acnes grouped and turned into cysts and so on. 

The photos displaying the various types of acne below are the consequences of what I described above. 


Images of various types of acne  

 Varius Types of Acne


By the time when your acnes are gone, all kinds of scarring as shown under the heading ‘Images of various types of acne scars’ would have been manifested.  

At Dr Pierre, we don’t just sell you products and rip you off with all the false claims and promises. 

We are upfront and forthright with you on what works and what does not, and provide trustworthy advice on all the DO’s and DONT’s. 


Hi, I'm 14 years old, and I really want your help! Well I'm not sure the difference between a scar and acne.

Are they both the same? Oh, and will u send me a copy of the article? thank you.

(submitted by alias: Nikhi307@aol.com) 

Hi, I believe by now, you must have already received your email copy of our beautytips.

Well, to your Question, acne are inflammation of the hair pores.

It appears red and swollen, and can have pus when they are about to heal.

Pus are dead bacteria.

Scars (I supposed you mean post acneic scars) are left-over stain marks after the acne have subsided.

They may be pinkish or dark tiny patch marks.


Although some may appear to be hyperly pigmented with dark melanin cells, some are actually blood clots from damaged blood vessels caused by squeezing and fiddling.

Depending on your own body's constitution, some scars may disappear on their own over time, while most may not.

Squeezing and fiddling them will often leave permanent scarring.

I advise you to get hold of a set of our samples.

For your convenience I have pasted a copy of our text version Sampleset Request Form below here for your completion.

(Note: The actual form contents have been removed from here to save space)  

Best Regards: Pierre  

i've had a problem with cystic acne since seventh grade.

i believe it may be genetic because both my sister and my mother have the same problem.

i've been on numerous oral antibiotics and have used many different topical medications.

recently, i was on accutane, 80mg, up to 3 times a day.

unfortunately, i was unable to finish the treatment (i was on it for about 4 months).

my face is incredibly clear now, except for one trouble area.

my left cheek, in the same spot, tends to develop cysts right before my periods.

this past week, i had another reoccurence.

i went to my dermatologist, and i got injections on two separate occasions.

finally, when it didn't get any better, i squeezed it.

i have done this before so i used extreme caution.

i poked the apparent point with a steralized needle and then squeezed out all the puss.

now, i have a very dark mark in that area.

i was wondering if this could possibly be just a bruise from ruptured blood vessels under the skin, or ! is it a discoloration at this point??? it has been about 4 days, and it seems to be getting a little better every day.

i have lustra to use of my scars, but it irritates my skin, and turns the whole area red.

so now, i don't know what i can use on these dark areas.

i still have marks from previous cysts in the very same area, so it covers more of my cheek than it would if it were just that one cyst.

so, how soon can i expect this mark to disappear? is it a bruise or a discoloration at this point? and what products can i use on it which will help fade the marks without irriating my skin?  

thank you, kat (submitted by alias: kat) 


Hi Kat, antibiotics should not be taken on a long term basis, because your body will become immune and your dosage will have to be increased over time.

Your own body’s defence system will also become less and less active, since an outside defence force(that is antibiotics) is doing the defence for the body.

Try changing your pillow case daily.

Often bacteria from your hair and acne get onto the pillow and multiply.

When your clean part of the face rested on it from night to the next morning, trillions of bacteria could have transferred from the pillow case onto your skin, and sensitize it, leading to outbreak.

Check if you often sleep with your left cheek on the pillow.

Squeezing is bad practice.

It will inevitably leave scars.

Scars from squeezing are ruptured capillaries, not depigmentation or hyper-pigmentation of your melanin cells.

It can heal over time.

It can also be speeded up with our product : #99 Herbal SR Cream 0.42 FL.OZ.(12ML) at $27.70 per jar.

However, for fast amazing results, it is best to use our complete set of skincare without mixing with any other product not from our line.

I recommend the following products for your current condition:  

10F 14D - 90-O 

For your order convenience, I have pasted a copy of our text version Price-list and order forms below here.

Best Regards: Pierre  

Hi, I generally have good skin except for my nose.

About 8 months ago I developed a really bad cyst on my nose.

It was very large and by the time I got to a dermatologist it ruptured.

Needless to say it left a a scar.

I'm not concerned witht the scar.

I'm concerned about the pigment- ation.

I'm black and have medium brown complexion.

The scar on my nose is very dark and visible.

My doc gave me a lightening gel with AHA in it.

SO far it is not working.

It is lighter than it was intitially but overall it hasn't really worked.

What do you suggest I do? I just want to lighten the surrooundin skin, thats's all.

Is there a different preocedure for treatment when a person has a darker complexion to begin with? Thank you for your time.

Arthur (submitted by alias: Arthur) 

Hi Arthur, post-acneic pigmented scar is actually different from Melasma kind of pigmentation.

Post-acneic scar is more like wound scar caused by clogged capillaries.

On the other hand, Melasma kind of Pigmentation is caused by an increase in production of melanin cells within an area of the skin that causes that area to appear darker.

Lightening works by bleaching melanin cells, and it's not the correct treatment method for post-acneic scars(which are clogged capillaries).

The following product in our line is indicated for post-acneic scars.

#99 Herbal SR Cream 0.42Fl.Oz.(12ML) at $27.70 a jar.

However, for fast amazing results it is best that you use the complete set of our skincare products without mixing with any other product(s) not from our line, and stop using soap on your face altogether.

You may purchase only the #99 first and request a sampleset as well for the other items, so that you'll have the complete set for your daily/nightly routine.

For your order convenience, I have pasted a copy of our text version Price-list and order forms below.

Best Regards: Pierre  

Dear Sir: I'm in my early 20's and have had acne for 10 years now.

I have gone to 2 separate dermatologists and both have put me on Benzamycin.

I'm originally from the north, but have lived in Florida for 4 years now.

I thought the sunshine and salt water would help heal and clear my skin.

Though, it has not.

I usually have very oily skin which is partially contributed to all the sun and hot, humid weather.

I wash 3 times daily to keep control of my oil secretion of my glands.

Though, I still have acne, blackheads, and cysts.

My T-zone is fairly okay.

Blackheads and a few whiteheads here and there on forhead, nose, and cheeks.

Major problem is my chin, which is weird to me because my brother and friends might have acne or breakouts on their cheeks and none on their chin.

In my case, it is reversed.

My chin just will not clear up for anything.

I have scarring around right side of mouth and down that chin line.

I just recently went to see dermotologist and he informed me that I have deep cystic pockets on both sides of chin, with a few in middle.

He put me Retin-A (.25%) and that has done nothing but made it worse.

I have heard nothing but good response about Retin-A, but I feel my skin is immune to it.

Over the past 10 years, I have tried everything and anything to heal my face.

Obviously, nothing has worked.

So, after reading some of these letters sent in to you, I am curious as to whether your product can help and heal my face.

I work out at a gym 6 days a week and do take supplements to enhance my muscles.

I also take Vitamins B and C daily, and also was considering some liquid Vitamin E for face.

Is that good? I have a rather partially balanced diet due to college implications and such.

I usually obtain 7-10 hours of sleep a nite 5 out of 7 days a week.

Currently, my face is drying harshly and thus I have to use a moisturizer which contradicts the whole cleansing process.

Due to my ance of the past 10 years, I have suffered deep depression stages which have almost eliminated self-esteem and confidence as well as hindered any drive to perform daily routines.

So, if you could recommend some samples along with a daily routine of your product line to help: a) cleanse my skin properly b) exfoliate the dead skin cells c) remove blackheads d) unclog the cysts e) reduce drying, irritation, and redness I would gladly appreciate it and any other recommendations you may have.

Thank you, Jim (submitted by alias: ) 

Hi, Acnes can be controlled to a great extent, depending on your health and hygiene habits as well.

Normally, our Ginseng Herbal AC-Cream will subside your acnes within a day or two.

But if you are referring to post-acneic scars, then you will need our product item #99 Herbal SR Cream.

This cream will help lighten the marks.

Most people have acnes during puberty, due to sudden hyper sebaceous activity caused by the body's hormonal change;

Use of creams, that are of comedogenic formulations(that is, product containing high wax contents and pigment oxides);

Use of cleansers that not only do not clean well, but even deposit large amount of waxes to clog the pores. 

Clogged pores allow bacterial breeding leading to skin inflammation and acnes.

Inculcate a good healthy and hygienic lifestyle, and use a good set of effective and efficacious non-comedogenic skincare products.

However, choosing the right set of products isn’t easy.

Every company will claim that their products are the best.

For us, we encourage you to get hold of our free sampleset first before you buy, despite the fact that we have over 95% satisfied customers (incase you happen to be among that remaining <5%)..

We offer free samples by uniquely matching a set to suit your skin.

The sampleset comprises 5 to 7 items(depending on your skin condition), to be used for your daily and nightly routine.

This is to provide you an opportunity to use exclusively only our line of products, without mixing with products from other brands, in order to achieve fast efficacious  results.

You need only pay US$10 for postage and handling.

The sampleset will be shipped via registered air parcel directly from Singapore. 

Best Regards: Pierre 


We apologize that this question has been accidentally deleted by a new staff. (submitted by alias: anchovy) 

Dear Anchovy, I'm sorry to hear of your plight.

However, you are not alone.

Many poor innocent people have had similar experiences like you.

Water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and regular exercises are all the correct things to do.

These do help to improve your condition.

Although most people know that it's important to keep one's body healthy and skin clean to avoid skin flaws, such as acnes, unfortunately, skincare products available in the market and beauty specialists often became the actual culprits and contributors in aggravating skin flaws.

It is not uncommon to hear very often from skin care products consumers that before they used skin care products, their skins were far better.

Because of such trends, I became motivated to do things differently from the norm.

Each and every product was researched and developed by myself, consuming painstaking time and effort, to ensure their efficacies, and that our claims are valid and truthful.

Well, for indentation scars the treatment process is much slower.

If yours are just dark red spots, they should be easier, provided of course, you do not suffer any skin healing disorders.

Nevertheless, treatment result is affected by the quality of all other products used in your daily and nightly routine, and not just by our herbal mask for scars. 

As such, I strongly urge you to stop using all others, and get hold of a set of our Free samples comprising 5 to 7 items depending on your skin condition.

You need only pay for the US$10 registered airmail cost.

We provide also a detail Usage Direction for your daily and nightly regimens.

Unfortunately, #99 Herbal SR(Skin Repair) Cream and #59 Herbal SR(Skin Repair) Mask are not available for samples.

So you may purchase only #99 and #59, but obtain all others in samples.

You may submit your sampleset request online at https://web62366.securesites.com/ss45b/matsamp.htm or by completing the text version Request Form I've attached herewith. (site and scheme no longer active)

I also urge you to read up my article at http://www.pierrechenxu-intl.com/facts.htm (site no longer active) 

Best Wishes.

Regards: Pierre  

I have tried everything.

My blackheads are not improving.

They have been there since I was 13 and started having occasional breakout.

When I do breakout they are very red and I know I shouldn't pick them.

I have stopped that because of my scarring.

I can't stand the scarring.

I wish it would go away.

I hate the blackheads also.

I have tried those pore strips that attach to the blackheads and pull out, but that doesn't get rid of them.

I have dry patches now where the pimples are or have been.

What can I do to get rid of the blackheads, minimize the scarring, and reduce the pimples I get?  

(submitted by alias: Michelle) 

Hi Michelle, Blackheads is an accumulation of dead cells, dirt, bacteria, salt(from sweat), staled oil secretions, staled waxes and other solid materials(e.g.: iron oxides) from cosmetics products, etc..

Unless you have a very good and effective cleanser, a range of non-comedogenic products, and a proper & well guided routine to adhere to they will become worse each passing day.

Do read up my article on Blackheads and Acnes at http://www.pierrechenxu-intl.com/facts.php (site no longer active) where you will find detail explanations on the causes and the correct remedies.

Regards: Pierre  

I have had acne for few years now, but recently it had taken a turn for the worse.

I started on Antibiotics beginning of last year.

Was given Doxcycline 100mg and Isotretinoin 20mg as well as vit E.

Intially, there was no change but after a few mths, I broke out less and by March/april 97 my skin was more or less clear, the scars were fading.

I had already stopped treatment around the beginning of the year.

But in july, it started breaking out again, this time much worse, my cheeks were red and looked swollen and my forehead was also not spared.

So i was put back on the antibiotics.

It didn't seem to help, in fact it became worse, it's only now that the break out is not that often but it has left behind lots of red scars that just don't seem to clear.

And i noticed that my pores have become bigger.

Is there anyway to make the scars go away more quickly and how bout tightening those pores ? I have fair skin so it makes it more obvious, drink plenty of water, wash 4 times daily and stay out of the sun, try to use minimal make up but have irregular sleeping habits and eat everything.

(submitted by alias: ann) 

Hi Ann, Doxcycline has been reported by researchers to be quite effective in treating not only diseases with micro-organisms such as acnes, but also diseases not caused by bacteria, like osteoporosis, arthritis, and cancer.

However, so long it is a form of antibiotics, long-term dependency will always lead to immunizations.

There's no instant results for treatment of post acneic scars.

Some of the bigger pores you mentioned could be actually post-acneic indentation scars.

Washing your face 4 times daily, especially with soap, is not good.

So as eating everything.

Long term use of soap as a daily cleanser will cause the skin to dehydrate, crack, rupture, and becoming a free gateway to bacterial invasion.

I have appended below here, part of my Answers to another person, the contents of which explains the negative effects of soaps.

"No matter how much moisturizing ingredients are incorporated in a soap, it remains a surfactant(surface active agent), although some are gentler than the others.

It is the surfactant that emulsifies the skin's surface oil(the sebum) away.

After each wash, with the drying of the skin, the underlying oil and sweat glands will have to physiologically react by increasing their production of oil and sweat to compensate the loss.

This inevitably causes the outer skin to appear dry(but temporarily), while the underlying skin is oily.

The drier outer skin will rupture, thus allowing increased bacterial invasion.

Eventually, the oil will surface and give a more greasy appearance than before.

The increased production of oil will thereby increase the risk of more clogged pores.

Salt contained in soaps will also cause hardening of the clogged debris(commonly known as comedones or, simply, blackheads).

Soap should never be used as a permanent daily cleanser in your skincare routines.

During winter(or during drier months) the problem can be aggravated by using soaps" Isotretinoin is the chemical name for Accutane.

It is a drug used in the treatment of acne by way of reducing(drying up) oil secretions from the glands.

It isn't a permanent cure for acne.

What it does help is to buy time hoping that a natural physiological or hormonal change later will stop them from returning.

What you are experiencing now with the returned outbreaks is part and parcel of Accutane's post-treatment symptoms and side effect.

An article reported the following side effects frequency:  

1. Chapped lips 90%  

2. Dry skin and itching 80% - the use of daily alpha hydroxacids will help prevent this side effect to some extent.

3. Dryness of nose, mild nosebleed 80%  

4. Irritation of the eyelids and eyes 40% - Vitamin E 400 IU each day may lessen this side effect.

5. Joint and muscle pains 15%  

6. Temporary hair thinning 10%  

7. Rash 7%  

8. Intestinal symptoms 5%  

9. Urinary symptoms 5%  

10. Headache 5%  

11. Increased sensitivity to sunburn 5%  

12. Decreased night vision <1%  

Were you told of the side effects, and were you given a blood chemistry test before you were prescribed isotretinoin? The most damaging side effect is serious birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

You should never take it while pregnant, and not to conceive during the isotretinoin course.

Vitamin E is OK if you don't get exposed to the sun.

It will cause severe peeling when aggravated by the UV rays.

When used together with Doxcycline and Isotretinoin, it's too harsh.

Do watch out your health too.

What you eat does affect your health.

Avoid sweetened food, such as candies, chocolates, and fried food.

If you wish, I'd recommend you a set of our herbal products comprising 5 to 7 items with a detail Usage Directions Guide. 


We can send you these items as Free samples, provided you're willing to foot your own registered airmail postage cost, which is $10.00.

Let me know if you want me to proceed.

Meanwhile do note that it's good that you also observe the following Health and Hygiene Habits:  

1. Make sure you have adequate sleep (go to bed before midnight).

For a normal person, and with your condition now, you would require 8 hours a day.

Do not stay till the wee hours, and then tried sleeping in the day to recover.

Overstressing in the night, and sleeping in the day will cause your body heat to rise and your body system to be imbalanced.

This will cause your acneic condition to deteriorate.

2. Try washing your hair daily.

However, when you shampoo your hair, ensure that your face is not wet by the dripping shampoo draining down from your hair.

The bacteria from your hair will worsen your acneic condition.

The shampoo (being soap) will also cause dehydration to your skin.

This further causes your skin to crack and rupture and avail itself further to bacterial invasion.

3. Avoid dusty and hot places, as well as places with chemicals or gas.

4. Avoid over-exposure to the sun or to cold air.

Both extremes will cause further dehydration, skin ruptures, and bacterial invasion.

5. Change your pillow case often.

Another alternative is to cover your pillow with a clean towel when you sleep, and change it everyday.

This is to prevent bacteria from your hair from spreading to your already ruptured skin.

6. Drink plenty of water(not necessarily mineral water.

Too much of minerals can also be contra-indicative).

7. Avoid fried food, rich proteinic food, and candies or chocolates which contain high sugar contents.

8. Take adequate amount of fruits like oranges, apples, etc. as well as vegetables.

9. If you are on anti-biotics, I advise you don't rely on it for long term.

Your body will reduce its own capacity to defend itself against bacterial invasion, and eventually became overly dependent on the drug as the defence system.

Regards: Pierre