9th Feb 2011 

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Dark Under-eye Circles

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Dark Under-eye Circles

Dark under-eye circles can be a real distressing concern especially to the fair-complexioned guys and ladies. 

However, knowing their causes may put you at ease and offer some help. 

If they are mere natural lighting shadows caused by your deep-set eyes and high nose bridge then there’s no cause for concern. Simply use a lighter shade of foundation to conceal them to some extent. Surely you won’t want to go for an op to flatten your nose bridge and reconstruct your orbital bones. J 

If it’s hereditary using makeup to conceal is also a more realistic choice. 

All other causes can be treated provided that the root cause is addressed. For stress, late-nights, eye-strains and insomnia cases only you can help yourself, although frequent eye massages by yourself could help. 

If you believe in magic potions that are advertised heavily in getting rid of those panda eyes you’ll be in for disappointment after disappointment despite burning your pockets deeper. 

While our Dr Pierre Products #s VTB and 95RF have been repeatedly reported by end-users to have helped lighten much of their under-eye circles, we still do not want to promote these items as if they have been specifically formulated for this particular treatment. 

These two products work by their powerful revitalizing properties and, as such, do enhance blood circulation surrounding the eyes area. 

I will have to research more before launching a real product to effectively treat the Dark under-eye circles. 


Dear Beauty Box, I just read your reply on undereye circles and I found the news depressing.

With all of the cosmetic surgery procedures these days, there must be something they can do about dark circles.

Isn't there a way of bleaching/lightening the skin so the area does not appear to be so dark? I have heard of people lightening their skin because of pigmentation problems.

Can't ’something be done for those of us who have inherited dark circles? I am sick of using concealer, and my circles are so dark that they can not be completely concealed.

I literally look like I have two black eyes.

Sara (submitted by alias: Sara) 

Hi Sara, sorry for giving you such depressing news, but as of now, I am yet to hear of any cosmetic surgery procedures to treat dark eye circles, though there might be one or some elsewhere.

While bleaching treatment may work on areas with hyper-pigmentation(that is area where the skin's melanin cells are more concentrated than the surrounding areas), it doesn't seem to work on skin that's naturally of dark complexion.

Skin Grafting and Skin Flaps procedures are commonly used to replace skin areas affected by burns, ulcers, cancerous skin lesions, or used to resurface scarred or contracted areas of skin.

Such procedures are not used for dark eye circles probably because of its complexities and nature of risks, to achieve a perfect job.

When a part of the body(even on the face) is already badly damaged, some small left-over surgical scars are deemed acceptable, but no one will accept any left-over scars(no matter how small they are) for dark eye circle treatments.

Having the dark circles is much better than having some scars left permanently on the face, especially on the eye areas, a very prominent facial feature.

I believe this is probably the main reason why Grafting and Flaps procedures are not used.

Anyway, do continue to look around and visit some plastic surgeons for further advice.

And if you really cannot find any solution as yet, may I encourage you that your inner-self is more important than your outer appearance.

I am sure your loved ones and your acquaintances still love you as much as what you are.

Great looks are only temporal and will pass away, as one ages.

I know how you feel, and I do sympathize with your predicament.

God bless.

Best Regards: Pierre  

Everyone including a lady who did my facial at Adrien Arpel say I have beautiful skin, I would say I do but I do notice tiny whiteheads around my cheeks and under my eyes this beautician said there is nothing I can do, is this true?  

Can you let me know what I can do to get rid of them? and how about dark undereye circles besides sleep and make-up?  

Also since we are on the subject of facial features I noticed that my face is small is there any way I can fatten up just my face or de-empathize it's narrowness that to me looks gaut? Thank you, complimented yet unsatisfied (submitted by alias: Demi)

Hi Demi, Whiteheads are milia seeds.

They are embedded.

Unlike blackheads which can be quite easily squeezed out, whiteheads have to be pricked out with a sterilized needle.

They are primarily accumulated sweat waste, and salt from sweat and soap-based products that clogged the sweat pores, and are as hard as rice grains.

Treatment will not produce results as fast as for blackheads, but will be gradual.

Avoiding the use of soap, and using an effective cleanser that really cleanses, and application products that do not promote clogging to the pores help.

If you would like to have a Free set of Dr Pierre skincare samples matched to your skin, you can visit http://www.pierrechenxu.com/ and submit your particulars there. (site and scheme no longer active)

Dark undereye circles may be due to natural deep-set eyes which can only be concealed by makeup.

If they were not born with, then adequate rest, sleep, and frequent eye massage will certainly help.

Besides, makeup is the fastest way to conceal them.

Apply a shade or two lighter( of foundation cream ) than the other surrounding areas of your face.

Likewise, for your small facial features, the best solution is again makeup.

Apply a brighter shade around the narrow parts of your face.

I do not know of any effective means of puffing up narrow facial features by way of skincare products applications.

Regards: Pierre  

I have dark under-eye circles that I cannot seem to diminish (short of using concealer).

I have tried many products that claim to reduce them, but I have not noticed any improvement.

Could these circles be a pigmentation problem that I could fix by using a lightening cream? I would appeciate any help.

Thanks! (submitted by alias: Marie)

Hi Marie, Do not be easily taken in by promises of a miracle.

In fact for dark under-eye circles concealer is the best choice.

Please read the reply on this beautybox page I've given to someone called Adrian who had asked a similar Question too.

Simply scroll this page to look for Adrian.

Regards: Pierre  

Hi .

This is Adrian.

I'm terribly sorry that I've not collected the samples.

I was intending to do it on Monday but my company's server crashed and we all have to data-entry from scratch.

I'm really sorry.

Please hang on to it for me for one more week.

Thanks and really sorry for any incovience cost.

I would also like to thank you for all the Q & A you've sent me.

They really enhance my knowledge on skin care.

I've never knew jojoba oil would be good on all-skin type , even on oily and preventance! They should be in all comestic products.

I've have a Question myself.

I was wonderinf if there's any way to get rid of dark eye ring.

Many eye cream states they could but they are all useless.

I've seen an ad in 8 Days about getting rid of dark eye rings.

The price is $250! And this is after discount.

The original price was $500, although they promise instantaneous results.

I would like to hear bout your opinion.

Thanks and sorry again.

(submitted by alias: Adrian)

Hi Adrian, OK, I’ll arrange with our shipping to hold your sample set for one more week.

As for eye creams promising to remove dark circles, do not be deceived by the advertiser.

The cream will not work on dark circles, and the price is certainly exorbitant.

Do visit http://www.pierre-chenxu.com/ and navigate around the site. (site and scheme no longer active)

I have put up a lot of warnings to consumers in that site.

These companies and salons made a lot of money through such unscrupulous means.

Recently, there is another new salon which retails a 10ml cream for over S$1, 000! Customers who walked into their salon pay over S$10, 000 for each set of products!!! Like many others doing the same, you will soon find this salon also expanding at least two to three more new salons each year.  

2 to 3 sales a day is enough for them to spend in their advertising in a big way.

Their big ad will in turn attract more innocent people to be deceived by them.

It is therefore a great incentive for them to set up more branches.

By the way, dark circles are caused by various causes such as:  

(a) People who were born with sharp nose(high nose bridge) and deep-set eyes will naturally have their eye circles appearing dark(look at the indians for example. Most of them will appear to have dark cricles). 

(b) People who were born to have genuine dark circles.

(c) People who suffer from long period of insomnia - lack of adequate rest and sleep.

(d) People who need to light midnight candles - overstressing their eye muscles.

(e) Pigmentation after childbirth or due to side effects of some drugs - these hyper-pigmentation around the eye area will appear like dark circles.

How can their cream remove them? It's just absurd.

For condition (a), you will need plastic surgery to flatten the nose bridge, and push up the eye sockets to make the dark circles disappear. Unless in extreme cases, I believe no sane person would want to go through that.

For (b), you need some relatively lighter shade of makeup foundation to conceal the dark circles.

For (c), medical/psychiatric treatment has to be sought to treat the insomnia.

Once this person gets to sleep normally, his/her dark circles will automatically go away.

For (d) the person can only help himself/herself to avoid staying too late to the wee hours.

For (e), it is a problem with hormonal imbalance, and requires medical treatment.

At times the body's hormonal system can get back to normal on its own over time, and the dark circles would gradually disappear on its own.

Eye massage will also help to improve conditions (b), (c), (d), and (e) to some extent, by way of stimulating and enhancing blood circulation.

Eye creams that claim to rid wrinkles are often also promoted in a deceptive way, by promising permanent wrinkle-free youthful looks, irrespective of age.

Wrinkles are caused by:  

(a) Constitution - naturally by birth due to the muscular structure.

(b) Aging - sagging of muscles as one ages.

(c) Dehydrated skin - skin creases due to moisture loss.

(d) Gesture habits - frequent frowning, and smiling or laughing in such a way that the eye muscles were often creased.

(e) Lack of muscles - especially with skinny people.

What a good eye cream really does is to :  

1) prevent further moisture loss.

2) assists the skin in absorbing moisture from the air.

3) compensates the skin with the natural sebum it may lack.

4) stimulates blood circulation(usually mild action only).

All of the above eventually do only one thing - that is to puff up the skin.

When skin around the eye area is puffed up, the 'valleys' of the wrinkles will appear to be on similar levels with the 'peaks'. 

Thus, crease lines became less obvious, and wrinkles appear to have gone.

But this is only temporary.

Once the moisture is gone, the valleys will become valleys again, and crease lines will reappear.

Hope the above helps in your understanding of eye creams.

Regards: Pierre