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Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Images of Dry and Dehydrated skin

Dry Dehydrated Skin 

While this skin condition is generally most common to people of age, they can defer to quite a great extent between the fairer complexioned (who age, wrinkle and dehydrate faster) and darker complexioned people (who age, wrinkle and dehydrate slower), as well as between people living in cold dry countries (who age, wrinkle and dehydrate faster) and hot humid countries (who age, wrinkle and dehydrate slower). 

And for those who expose more frequently to the UV rays, irrespective of where they are from, they will age, wrinkle and dehydrate relatively speedier than others. 

While good moisturizers can help to some extent in preventing moisture loss (by way of protection with high wax content or plasticized ingredient in the emulsion) NEVER believe that there’s any magic product out there that can prevent aging (anti-aging product claims)! 

No one, except God Almighty, can stop one’s natural aging process. Everyone ages naturally. The real problem is not with aging, but rather Pre-mature aging! 

That’s a combination of many factors in our daily life– our diet, life style, stress, etc. So, don’t expect a magic potion to bring you back 10 years within a few minutes (as some products claimed to do) when you have spent the last 20 years abusing your body, soul and spirit. 

If such a product really works, why do celebs, politicians, Kings & Queens and Monarchs still age so pre-maturely with no better complexion than yours??? 

And why do the brand owners, the CEO & staff and management of their companies still age prematurely like anyone else? 

So, don’t be fooled by their fake celeb endorsements – they are paid to lie! 

To maintain a gorgeous youthful complexion, you need to invest in a disciplined healthy life style with proper diet, time and good products. It is a continuous process, and not once off and expect results overnight, even though many first time users of Dr Pierre products testified that they have seen immediate results after their first try. 

And I can actually be my own living testimony. I believe I am currently the only brand owner of a skin care range which I personally developed who truly looks at least 10 years younger than my age! 






PLEASE HELP WHAT SHOULD I USE? (submitted by alias: Name withheld by request) 

Hi, most likely you must have been using soap as your daily/nightly cleanser to cleanse your face, and/or have used some other treatment products that dehydrate your skin.

Stop using soap and any other product that is dehydrating your skin.

Soap causes hardening of oil and debris and leads to more clogged pores.

Clogged pores trapped bacteria, and led to breakouts.

So, your problem can be resolved with a good set of daily/nightly skincare products that cleanse effectively by dissolving those clogged debris, yet not dehydrating your skin, and not hardening fresh oil secretions and debris(which comprises dead cells, dirt, salt from sweat, waste and bacteria from sweat, etc.), AND that truly moisturizes your skin without adding deposits to your clogged pores to get them more clogged.

Most creams from other companies contain a high wax content.

When the water content from the cream evaporates, leaving the solid wax component as deposit, the pores got more clogged.

Get hold of a set of our samples now, and you'll soon regain your youthful baby-soft complexion.

For your convenience I have pasted a copy of our text version Sampleset Request Form below here for your completion.

Best Regards: Pierre  

I have oily skin and am always getting pimples.

What kind of products should I be using to treat the acne, yet won't cause my skin to overdry? (submitted by alias: stonie) 

Hi Stonie, most skincare product manufacturers thought that acne are caused by oily condition(which is not always the case BTW), and thus, they produce topical anti-acne products, which are Conventional formulations anyway, given them Free by suppliers, that treat acne only by drying them out.

Even for most oral medication, they often work by either destroying the sebaceous glands, or destroying the gland activity.

As such, I do not know of any product(oral or topical), that treat acne without drying/overdrying the skin, except products from my own line, which are uniquely formulated by myself.

Not that I'm trying to sell my own products, but what I just said is true.

Our topical anti-acne product is #90-O which does not dry up the skin.

However, for best result what other daily/nightly skincare products you use for cleansing, toning, day protection/moisturizing, night moisturizing, masking, etc. are also important determinants.

As such, I suggest you get a complete set of our samples.

When you are satisfied with our product quality and efficacies(which we are confident you will be) you may then order the actual retail sizes.

For your convenience, I have pasted a copy of our text version sample request form below here for your completion.

(Note to save space, the actual form contents are removed from here)  

Best Regards: Pierre  

I have very dry skin.

I have tryed every thing.

i have used scrubs puffs and nothing has helped.

I smoke I know that it has some thing to do with.

my skin always looks dul.

please help me! (submitted by alias: dry skin) 

Hi, don't fret.

I'm sure our products will bring back your clear youthful, silky and soft complexion very quickly.

Just try out our sampleset first, and you'll experience fast amazing results within days, even after the first application! However, smoking is certainly bad for your health.

Try quitting it.

For your order convenience, I have pasted a copy of our text version sampleset request form below here for your completion.

(Note: To save space the actual form contents have been removed from here)  

Best Regards: Pierre  

I just wanted to reply real quick and tell you that you have been great to me by Answering all my Questions thoroughly and quickly.

Thank You very much! You deserve every testimonial you have.

I don't think my face has looked this good in a long time (but I haven't even got your retail products yet!).

Your comments alone on different aspects of my face that I have been asking you about are helping my face to clear up and be less dryer.

Thanks again.

You are providing a great service to people with skin problems.

I will definitely recommend you! You are wonderful! Your friend.

Brandon! (submitted by alias: Brandon) 

Hi Brandon, Glad to hear that your face is less dry now.

Thanks very much for your kind words.

Best Regards: Pierre  

Up until 5 months ago, I had beauitful skin.

For the past 5 months I have suffered from monthly cysts on my face.

My skin has turned extremely dry as well.

I was put on Ortho Tri-Cyclen and thought the problem has been solved.

However, I just broke out with another cyst in the middle of my cycle.

I am not interested in treating the cyst with sterroids or anitbiotics.

Note: the cycts eventually open, but it is more of an under the skin issue that is very large and PAINFUL.

Any natural remedies that you can recommend?  

(submitted by alias: Name withheld by request) 

Hi, 5 months ago did you suffer from any illness, or emotional stress, or have you applied any products or gone for any facials that could be the likely cause to the cysts breakout? Nevertheless, do be extra careful on Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

I remember giving the same caution to someone else just last week.

Incase you missed that Answer, let me repeat this here.

Ortho Tri-Cyclen works by lowering your body's hormone production.

As such, only acne that broke out during puberty may be helped, because acne during puberty is almost always caused by a sudden increase of the body's hormones.

If you must take oral contraceptives, then Ortho Tri-Cyclen seems to be a better choice amongst other pills, since it can also, at the same time, help reduce your hormone production.

However, do note the following risks it may cause:  

1. Blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.

The risk is even higher if you are over 35 and a smoker.

2. Some studies have reported an increase in the risk of developing breast cancer among women who use oral contraceptives.

Women who have blood clots, certain cancers, a history of heart attack or stroke, as well as those who are or may be pregnant should avoid pills.

However, if you don't need contraceptives in the first place, then you don't need Ortho-Cyclen to treat your acne, even though it is popularly recommended to people who are unresponsive to topical anti-acne medication.

There's no need to treat acne by reducing hormonal activity.

Increased hormonal activity usually causes an increase of glandular activity, producing an excess of oil.

It is this excess of oily secretions that caused the pores to clog, trapping bacteria, dirt, stale dead cells, and all other debris.

This leads to blackheads.

If not treated it then leads to acne.

So, if one has a method to prevent the oily secretions from trapping that debris in the pores, then there'll be no clogged pores, thus no acne.

To prevent the oily secretions from trapping debris, you simply need good effective cleansers that can really remove stale dead cells, dirt and all other debris daily.

The problem is that most cream cleansers in the market do not really clean.

They even deposit waxes into the pores to clog them.

Some people ended up using soap, trying to rid the excess oil, not knowing that soap causes skin to dehydrate instantly, thus activating the sebaceous glands to multiply their oil production internally to compensate the loss of the surface oil.

Soap also contains salt, which will harden any oily debris, thus clogging the pores even more.

When the increase oil production inside the pores could not flow out due to the hardened debris clogging them, it can also lead to acne.

The dehydration caused by soap also leads to skin rupture, thus allowing easy bacterial invasion into the skin, and leading to acne too.

If you are also using soap, I advice that you stop immediately.

You may try our whole range of products, but you need not buy the actual retail set now.

Just request a sampleset.

For your convenience I have pasted a copy of our text version sampleset request form below here for you to complete.

Best Regards: Pierre  

Hi, I am very skeptical at this point, as there are so many skin care products which claim to be "the cure" or solution to acne.

However, I am not one to give up and as I read the beautybox, I read that someone had my exact condition.

I break out during times of stress and during and around my cycle.

I also have really dry skin from the benzoyl peroxide and going without moisturizer because I am afraid I will break out more.

For a few years I was on a treatment which used 10% benzoyl per. and 4 or 2% sulfur.

I had to ice my face every night after using a granular pumic cleanser for 3 minutes.

Then dry and immediately apply the benzoyl peroxide/sulfur lotion on my cold face.

This really was my only break through in clearing up all of my acne.

But I noticed I got very wrinkled and dry.

The only reason I stopped this treatment was because in order to be able to buy the product, the patient must go in for regular extractions at the clinic.

I didn't think I needed them any more so I stopped going.

So they wouldn't sell me the product.

Well, at least my skin is not so dry anymore.

But I do break out more now again.

Basically, instead of throwing my money down the drain, I would really like to try your products first.

Please give me insructions and products based on my conditon.

If you have any Questions, please email me.

Your site looks reputable and I hope it is a blessing that I've stumbles upon it.

Thank you.

Regards, Mary (submitted by alias: Mary)

Hi Mary, I fully understand your feeling and sentiment.

Many others felt the same way.

Yes, stress and menses cycles are quite common breakout causes for the ladies.

Benzoyl peroxide dehydrates skin, especially with 4% concentration.

That's high.

It treats acne by drying them up, thus creating dehydrated and wrinkled skin.

2% sulphur is still acceptable, but a lower concentration is safer if the product also contains Benzoyl peroxide (and at 4%!).

Granular Pumice cleanser is certainly not indicated for your skin.

If you were to view the granular pumice with a 30 times scope, you will see that these pumice grains look very coarse with jugged rough edges.

So, what this cleanser does is sand-papering your skin.

Unlike a block of wood, our epidermal skin is a delicate living organ, and is as thin as the thickness of a normal writing paper.

Sand-papering it in this manner would certainly damage the epidermal layer, and can cause delayed pigmentation too due to the friction and harsh removal of several layers of the epidermal cells.

You are fortunate to have stopped.

Long term usage would certainly bring forth more complications.

OK, Mary.

Do try out our sample set first, and order the retail sizes only after you are convinced of our product quality and efficacies.

For your convenience, I have pasted a copy of our text version sampleset request form below here for your completion.

(Note: To save space here the actual form contents have been removed)  


Best Regards: Pierre  

i've had a problem with cystic acne since seventh grade.

i believe it may be genetic because both my sister and my mother have the same problem.

i've been on numerous oral antibiotics and have used many different topical medications.

recently, i was on accutane, 80mg, up to 3 times a day.

unfortunately, i was unable to finish the treatment (i was on it for about 4 months).

my face is incredibly clear now, except for one trouble area.

my left cheek, in the same spot, tends to develop cysts right before my periods.

this past week, i had another reoccurence.

i went to my dermatologist, and i got injections on two separate occasions.

finally, when it didn't get any better, i squeezed it.

i have done this before so i used extreme caution.

i poked the apparent point with a steralized needle and then squeezed out all the puss.

now, i have a very dark mark in that area.

i was wondering if this could possibly be just a bruise from ruptured blood vessels under the skin, or is it a discoloration at this point??? it has been about 4 days, and it seems to be getting a little better every day.

i have lustra to use of my scars, but it irritates my skin, and turns the whole area red.

so now, i don't know what i can use on these dark areas.

i still have marks from previous cysts in the very same area, so it covers more of my cheek than it would if it were just that one cyst.

so, how soon can i expect this mark to disappear? is it a bruise or a discoloration at this point? and what products can i use on it which will help fade the marks without irriating my skin? thank you, kat (submitted by alias: dry skin) 

Hi, don't fret.

I'm sure our products will bring back your clear youthful, silky and soft complexion very quickly.

Just try out our sampleset first, and you'll experience fast amazing results within days, even after the first application! However, smoking is certainly bad for your health.

Try quitting it.

For your order convenience, I have pasted a copy of our text version sampleset request form below here for your completion.

(Note: To save space, the actual form contents have been removed from here)  

Best Regards: Pierre  

Since the spring weather has come to nor5thern Canada, i have noticed dry patches under my right eye, that look like freckles or some sort of little holes developing on my skin.

Sometimes it is irritable and burning to the touch.

I have never had this problem before, so i am very concerned as to why my skin is behaving this way, what should i do to prevent it from happening further?  

(submitted by alias: MLC)

Hi, you are having some form of eczema.

This can be the result of a recent exposure to certain trigger factors/substances or conditions, such as irritants, allergens, emotional stress, heat and sweating, infections and dry skin.

Irritants are substances that cause burning, itching, or redness, such as solvents, industrial chemicals, detergents, fumes, tobacco smoke, paints, bleach, woolen fabrics, acidic foods, astringents and some other high alcoholic skin care products(especially toners), and soaps and fragrances.

If an irritant is potent, or highly concentrated enough, it can irritate anyone’s skin.

Have you or any of your family members ever suffered from Atopic Dermatitis AD)? It will be good to have your doctor perform a diagnosis.

AD can be inherited.

Allergens are more subtle trigger factors.

An allergen does not irritate, but may trigger an AD flare-up in those who have become allergic to it from prior exposure.

Allergens are usually animal or vegetable proteins from foods, pollens, or pets.

When people with AD are exposed to an irritant or allergen to which they are sensitive, inflammation-producing cells appear on the skin.

There, they release chemicals that cause itching and redness.

Further damage occurs when the person scratches and rubs the affected area.

AD sufferers must avoid irritants, while those with known allergies should likewise avoid allergens.

Detecting an allergic substance can be difficult, and may be caused by one or more of the following:  

1. Food allergies can cause flare-ups.

Since an allergic reaction to food (either by skin contact during food preparation or by eating the food) can trigger an AD flare-up, it is important to identify the trigger foods.

2. Occasionally people with AD notice a worsening of their condition when exposed to airborne allergens, such as pets or dusty rooms.

An allergy to dust mites (tiny organisms present in household dust) may worsen AD in some people.

3. Anger, frustration, and embarrassment all may cause flushing and itching.

The resultant scratching can cascade into perpetuating dermatitis.

4. Extreme cold or hot temperatures, or sudden changes in the temperature.

High humidity causes increased sweating and may result in prickly-heat-type symptoms.

Low humidity dries the skin, especially during winter months(at times also during cold springs) when homes are heated.

Whatever is the cause, that patch of your skin is now dehydrated and has ruptured.

The key is to keep it moisturized at all times.

Stop using soap on your face immediately.

Toners that contain a high concentration of alcohol should also not be used.

The most suitable type of moisturizers for your condition now is ointment base types.

Whatever product that dries your skin after each application should be immediately stopped.

Best Regards: Pierre  

Pierre: My skin is oily but VERY SENSITIVE and also acneic, especially in the forehead area and chin area.

I can't seem to clear up my forehead or my chin! I use dove soap and neutrogena moisturizer.

My forehead is constantly feeling irritated and dry even though it looks oily to the touch.

Sometimes I break out with large pimples on my forehead but mostly they stay small and bumpy.

My chin breaks out with red pimples that sometimes form heads (more often than not).

My cheeks are dry and my skin is somewhat reddish (irritated?).

My skin reacts it seems to everything and has become hypersensitive.

I would like to normalize my skin and get it back to the way it used to be! I have used Retin-A in the past and currently erythromycin, but it doesn't seem to be helping now.

The weather here is very cold and my skin seems to have gotten much worse.

My chin actually hurts and feels irritated.

Please help! What products would you recommend and could I please have a list of the ingredients as I am allergic to many things? I would love to try some samples of what you might recommend.

My biggest problem is that in trying to cure my acne, a lot of products seem to irritate my skin even more and then it takes me twice as long to get it back to halfway decent.

Thanks so much for your quick response as I would like to help solve this problem as soon as possible! I have been suffering and trying to find a solution for over a year now and nothing has worked, only made it worse.

Thanks so much again.

(submitted by alias: Charlene) 

Hi Charlene, Such skin condition is usually due to external dehydration caused by soap.

Soap is an emulsifier(surface active agent) which emulsifies the surface oil(which is needed to hold the surface deal cells together to form a protective layer called acid mantle) away when rinsed with water.

The skin also becomes more alkaline instead of staying more acidic.

Skin that's less acidic(pH 4.5 to 5.4 is the ideal alkaline acid balance) is prone to bacterial growth.

Dehydration of skin would also cause skin to rupture, thus allowing serious bacterial invasion, and leading to breakouts and inflammation.

Inflammation is skin's reaction to fight against bacterial invasion.

Retin-A and erythromycin have been reported to cause dehydration and some side effects to quite a large number of people.

The cold weather and low humidity of course also aggravate your skin dehydration problem, and make the condition worse.

Yes, we do offer free samples by uniquely matching a set for your skin.

Infact, we encourage potential customers to try our samples first, despite the fact that we have over 95% satisfied customers (incase someone happens to be among that remaining <5%).

The sampleset comprises 5 to 7 items(depending on your skin condition), to be used for your daily and nightly routine.

This is to provide you an opportunity to use exclusively only our line of products, without mixing with products from other brands, in order to achieve fast efficacious  results.

You need only pay US$10 for postage and handling.

The sampleset will be shipped via registered air parcel directly from Singapore.

However, you need first to provide us with info of your skin condition, either online at: https://web62366.securesites.com/ss45b/matsamp.htm(site and scheme no longer active) 

To view the ingredient list of each product you first need to know the product code and then you can log on to our specifications web page to view them.

However, we require you first to submit your skin info officially online or on our text version form described above.

Upon receipt of your skin info and payment for the postage and handling cost, we will then email you details of our product recommendation.

I am sorry, this procedure is built into our computer system, and will cause our dispatch and accounts department confusion if not adhered to accordingly.

With the product codes given, you can then conveniently check their ingredient list by logging on to http://www.pierrechenxu.com/prodspec.htm and selecting the appropriate product code's specs.

Another alternative to check the ingredients list without first submitting your sample request order, is to log on to https://web62366.securesites.com/ss45b/matret.htm (site and scheme no longer active) 

This is an automated java program.

You simply follow instructions therein to input your skin condition data onto the two facial images on the screen.

After that, click the 'Submit Now' button.

It will display a page showing you the recommended items to be ordered.

Simply note the product code numbers of all the products listed, and close the web page without submitting your personal info.

With the Product Code of the recommended products on hand, you can log on next to http://www.pierrechenxu.com/prodspec.htm to read the ingredients list. (site no longer active)

Hope the above info is helpful.

Best Regards: Pierre  

We apologize that this question has been accidentally deleted by a new staff. 

(submitted by alias: ) 

Hi, your mom is a very blessed woman to have such a filial child(daughter? son?) like you.

Well, our products are only for the acneic skins and blackheads? Not really.

We have a very wide range of products that cater to almost every need.

However, we refused to exaggerate treatment on aging skin and wrinkles because we know that's unethical.

Skincare products for aging skin and wrinkles can only work superficially.

Infact, most anti-aging products merely moisturize the outer skin to cause puffiness temporarily, thus, causing the crease lines to be less obvious.

But lots of ads by most companies have over-played this dishonestly.


What's most important is, apart from a happy and joyful life-style, to have a real good set of herbal-based skincare products for the daily and nightly regimens.

Good doesn't mean those expensive branded items, nor does it mean those heavily advertized products, nor those with fantastic and magical claims.

What I mean good, are those that are really efficacious, and effective with fast efficacious  results, and these are:

1. Products that are not strong and harmful to the skin, yet clean really well, and does not clog the pores. 

Products that really leave the skin smooth, supple and baby-soft after every application. 

Products that gain your immediate confidence even after just the first trial.

And such products are not easy to come by, really, unless every skincare manufacturer has that kind of motivated & experienced cosmetic scientists who were willing to spend painstaking efforts in conducting rigorous R&D to produce efficacious products, simply for self satisfaction.

Unfortunately, most will go for the quick easy way out by using Free Conventional formulations given by chemical suppliers to almost every other company in the industry, for quick profit sake.

We are different.

And I'm confident your mom will love our products like most others do.

I would personally recommend the following products for her:  



For the above order you will receive a 10% discount.

Postage is US$3 per piece.

You may order online at http://www.pierrechenxu.com/products.php or by completing and emailing back our text version order form which I have attached herewith in this email. (site and scheme no longer active)

May I take this opportunity to wish your mom a blessed and happy birthday! Best Regards: Pierre  


I'm a 28 yo male thats currently not using a skin regimen except washing my face and putting on some lotion.

I used to go to a dermatologist in my teen to early college years and I was on Retin-A and Tetracycline.

These did wonders for me and after using it for 4 years I stopped since my skin was clear and I rarely broke out.

Now a few years later I am starting to break out occasionally maybe twice a month.

My skin is a combination of oily in the T-Zone but dry to normal on my chin and cheeks.

What skin regimen do you recommend I use for my face and for the REAL PROBLEM which is the excessive breakouts on the upper back of my body which has left some discolored scarring? I'd really rather not go back to a dermatologist or is that the best course to treat my back at least? Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.

(submitted by alias: Alden) 

Hi Alden, In your teens during college years, it was common to have acne breakouts due to sudden hormonal changes at puberty.

Retine A and tetracycline caused acnes to dry up, and can appear effective in containing acnes for some people, like yourself.

However, it will also cause skin dehydration.

With your current occasional breakouts, you will need to handle it with great care.

Acnes, like open wounds, are susceptible to easy bacterial invasion.

If not properly managed, it can spread like wild fire, and causes scarring like what you're having at your back.

I believe you have been washing your face with soap.

This is not recommendable.

Soap breaks down the skin's acid mantle, thus causing dehydration, and dehydration ruptures your skin.

It becomes conducive for Bacterial invasion.

Your glands will also be forced to multiply their oil and sweat production to compensate the moisture and oil loss and, as such, your skin will be more clogged and appear coarse as a result.

I'd advice that you stop using soap.

I'm not sure what kind of lotion you are using.

Do note, however, that milk lotions if formulated with high wax contents can also promote pore clogging.

When pores are clogged, the skin will become prone to having acnes.

To contain acnes you need to keep your skin clean and hygienic at all times, yet not causing it to lose its oil/moisture balance.

It is a difficult task, but not impossible.

What you need is the right products, correct usage/application methods, and live a healthy life style with good hygiene habits.

As for the breakouts on your back, it is caused initially by clogged pores too.

The glands on our back are usually quite active.

For most people, because the back are usually covered and protected with clothings most times the pores did not get clogged easily.

If your back is exposed to the open air often(especially in environments that are dusty, humid, or with fumes, chemicals and gas), you will have a much higher risk of getting clogged pores, thus acne infections.

Likewise, if you seldom scrub your back properly during your showers/baths the condition can be as bad.

Moreover, you need to get adequate rest and sleep - 7 to 8 hours nightly.

Do not take afternoon naps.

It will cause your body temperature to heat up unnaturally, and upsetting your body's system.

I'd recommend you avoid bare backs.

Always clothed when exposed to the external environment.

Use a good body scrub to scrub your back daily, and apply a good anti-acne cream/lotion until your back is cleared of acnes.

If you want to use our line of products we can recommend you two items as follows:  

1. PSN - Sage Peeling Scrub 300ML $76.60  

2. 090 - Ginseng Anti-Acne Cream 12ML $26.60  

Unfortunately, we have no samples for the 2 items.

However, for your face, we will send you a set of Free samples comprising 5 to 7 items, together with a detail usage directions guide.

Normally, you will have to pay for your own postage for these samples, costing only $10.00.

But if you are ordering the above two items for the body treatment, we don't mind sending these samples together, and we absorb all the postage costs.

If you want us to go ahead to send you the samples without the order for the two items above, and agree to pay for your own postage(i.e. $10.00), please email me again.

But you must agree not to mix with other products, and to stop using them altogether, in order to see fast amazing results.

If you wish to order the above two items, and receive the Free sample set for your facial routine, please email me also, and indicate so.

Regards: Pierre  

I have normal to dry skin.

However I suffer from heavy congestion.

Little slightly raised bumps all over my face, particularly around by cheeks and chin.

I have occasional breakouts of pimples around my cheeks.

Most products for problem/pimple skin are too strong and drying.

Although I have pimples and congestion it is not oily but usually slightly dry.

The only method I have found thus far to remove the congestion is extraction which leaves my skin smoother but slightly scarred.

My skin was very clear and blemish free before the age of 22 thereafter increasing problems.

What do you recommend? (submitted by alias: Name withheld by request) 

Hi, Right.

Majority of products treat acnes by drying them up.

This method will result in a dehydrated skin, which causes the skin to rupture, and becoming prone to serious bacterial invasion.

Dry/dehydrated skin will not contain the acnes.

Instead, due to the easy bacterial invasion, it will become worse.

It's advisable to have the skin a little oilier than dry to keep bacteria away.

Oil being more acidic is not conducive for bacterial growth.

Adequate amount of Oil secretion and retention is also needed to bond the surface cells together to form a protective acid mantle to prevent bacterial invasion.

I wouldn't advise extraction either.

It surely will cause scarring.

If you are prepared to take my advice, you should stop using all other products, and use only the following products I'd recommend you:  

1. A good and effective blackhead remover to gently dissolve the clogged debris without drying or dehydrating your skin.

2. A good daily cleanser to effectively remove daily deposits of dead cells, dirt, staled makeup, etc..

3. A good moisturizing and revitalizing toner to revive and moisturize your skin.

4. A good anti-UV day cream for protection against the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays which will cause photosensitivity to your skin.

If your skin is unprotected and is photosensitized, it will become sensitive and prone to several skin flaws.

5. A good anti-acne cream that treats your acnes without drying your skin.

We will send you these samples Free with only one condition - that is, you testify for our product quality and efficacies when you see remarkable improvements.

While, we are sending you the samples free, you will need to pay for the postage which cost about $10.You pay only upon receipt of the samples.

Please let me know if you want me to arrange the shipment of the above samples.

Regards: Pierre  

hello, i am so determined to have great skin, i have tried everything and nothing seem to work because of the fact that i was doing to many drugs and it just gave adverse reactions on the skin.

now that i have 2 months sober i can see the real results from products.

i am currently using a product that i buy in he health food store, home health facial cleansing gel for sensiteve skin that treats minor skin irritations, its actually soes wonders.

its leaves my skin a litlle dry but clear.

i was noticing alot of dry skin on the exterior and my skin seemed to be very rough so i tried to use one of those mesh sponges a "puff puff" about twice a weeek that seems to be ok.

everything seems to go ok untill that time of the month then all hell breaks loose again.

start form ground zero.

i know its hormones andnothing can be done.

i seem to think htat maybe if i have a product thas exfolliated deepcleans removes comedones and milia i wont have that much of a problem around that time.

i never have seemed to have good results with toners and moisturizs so if theres a product that has eerying in it togethere that would be great.

i am so into instant gratification, i hate it please help.

i wrote oyou before but you didn't write back or you didn't recieve it.

please helpi feel desperate.

i have a beutiful facial feature, model material and i had perfect skin i would be so happy.

i am willing to ge to any extreme to ge beautiful skin haveing this problem it makes me feel so self consious and ugly.

oh if it helps any i am an 18 year old female, caucassion with fair skin and light eyes.

thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon, sorry so long.

sincerely, (submitted by alias: Name withheld by request) 

Hi! Yes, long term dependent on drugs will affect your body's system and thus, your skin.

Since you have dry skin condition now, your skin is ruptured, and is prone to bacterial invasion.

Dry skin is also thinner and more tender to rubbing.

As such I wouldn't recommend the use of those mesh sponges.

Although hormonal problems will take time for your own body to readjust, nevertheless, you can prevent it from getting worse with knowledgeable skincare routine and the use of good effective products.

It's impossible to have a product with everything together to treat all problems at once, although such products were claimed by some marketeers.

Toners and moisturizers do work if they are well formulated.

If you are prepared to take my advice, I'd recommend that you stop using all other products, and use only the Free samples I'll send you.

It'll be about 4 to 5 items.

However, you need to pay for the postage which is about $10.You pay only upon receipt of the samples.

We have only one request to make of you - that is, you testify for the efficacies of our products when you see remarkable improvements, and allow us to quote your testimony in our marketing material.

Please let me know if you want me to send you the samples.

Regards: Pierre