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By: Dr. Pierre

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Images of Bad Makeup results due to bad complexion and poor quality products

Poor Makeup 

Almost every lady wears makeup, although some guys have also started using them.

While makeup is supposed to conceal or play down flaws and imperfections and enhance certain good features, if it doesn’t blend well and stay on the skin then it can look even worse than without, and this is a common phenomenon as I can see among most customers who came to me in their first visit. 

The problem is a result of the following: 

The user adheres to every make step from what they learned from beauticians and makeup artists. i.e. after cleansing and toning, begin with a makeup base, followed by a cover-up cream and/foundation, then all the creamy eye shadow/s, rouge, then compressed powder eye color, powder blusher, face powder, eye-brows, eye-liner, mascara, lip color and lip gloss. 

Well, the last few steps may be interchangeable. 

Not all emulsions are made alike. Emulsions, you ask?. Yes, foundations, powder cakes, compressed powder and many more are emulsions base with added colored pigment oxides. 

They may contain wax too, or certain oily component that just doesn’t blend well. Whatever, it is the final formulation that is in question. And, many are also made from Free conventional formulations from raw materials vendors. 

As far as factor 2 is concerned you just have to try and feel until it really does the job as expected on your face. 

As for factor 1, you need not adhere to every step. Depending on your skin condition you can include or exclude certain step/s. 

For example, if your skin becomes too dry after the face powder, then skip face powder, but ensure that you have a foundation that could render a smooth non-greasy feel and appearance without a face powder, like the Dr Pierre’s #s 74-P, 76-P and 79-P. 

If it’s still too greasy even after applying the face powder, then skip the makeup base. By the way, any good moisturizer can be used as a makeup base, and not necessarily one that is claimed to be a makeup base. 

So, you are the best judge to decide on how you feel with or without certain step/s and product/s. 

Do not believe in a product’s claims of what power it contains. See the results for yourself, and results would not lie! 


What type of mask and further skin treatment that I could do for my skin during this time.

I have not developed severe wrinkling as of yet and would like to PERK up my skin somewhat with further treatment.

I am also having problems with my makeup staying on during the day.

Thank You, - Viki (submitted by alias: Viki)

Dear Viki, problem with makeup not staying on long enough during the day are due to one or more of the following reasons:

1. Makeup is too oily.

2. Your skin’s sebaceous glands are more active during the day, thus becoming oilier.

3. Your skin’s sebaceous glands are stimulated by some active ingredients from the makeup, thus becoming more oily.

4. Your skin is coarse due to flaking caused by dehydration or due to clogged pores, or both.

Note that excessive oiliness and dehydration (which are exact opposites) can both cause your makeup not staying for long.

Frankly, even without any specific Masking you can still regain back your baby-soft smooth and silky skin.

What you need are products that can clean your skin effectively (including effective removal of your daily stale makeup) yet not dehydrating it, products that do not deposit waxes to clog your pores (unfortunately most products in the market use Conventional formulations provided free by chemical companies which contain high wax content), products that do not contain sensitizing agents or stimulants that will promote excessive secretions.

It's hard for one to believe me until they try the whole set of our products to see the difference for themselves.

Our products do all the actions I mentioned above.

Competitors' products do not deliver what they claimed!

Anyway, although you do need to cooperate by not mixing our products with others in order to achieve fast efficacious results, I'm not pressuring you to buy the whole set of our products now.

That's because we do offer free samples by uniquely matching a set for your skin.

Infact, we encourage potential customers to try our samples first, despite the fact that we have over 95% satisfied customers(incase someone happens to be among that remaining <5%).

The sampleset comprises 5 to 7 items(depending on your skin condition), to be used for your daily and nightly routines.

This is to provide you an opportunity to use exclusively only our line of products, without mixing with products from other brands, in order to achieve fast efficacious results.

You need only pay US$10 for postage and handling.

The sampleset will be shipped via registered air parcel directly from Singapore.

However, you need first to provide us with info of your skin condition, either online at: https://web62366.securesites.com/ss45b/matsamp.htm OR alternatively, by completing the text version sample request form I have pasted here below. (site and scheme no longer active)

Best Regards: Pierre  

What natural ingredients allow a formulator to not include synthetic antimicrobials? (submitted by alias: Name withheld by request)

Most antimicrobials used in cosmetics are synthetic.

Natural antimicrobials cannot preserve well.

If the formulation consists mostly of natural ingredients, then stronger preservation is even needed.

However, how well a product can be preserved depends not only on what antimicrobial agent and what concentration it is used.

Other contributing factors are:  

1. How well are the raw materials being stored(e.g.temperature, hygiene, are they properly closed in air-tight containers?)  

2. Freshness of raw materials(are they expired or close to expiry?)  

3. Processing method(how raw materials are decanted, hygienic processing practices)  

4. How processing equipment and utensils are cleansed, sterilized, and maintained.

5. How finished products are stored before filling  

6. Filling methods(what hygienic practices are enforced)  

7. How containers are sterilized before filling.

8. How finished packaged products are stored before shipping.

9. How are the goods shipped(are they exposed to high humid temperature?)  

10. How are the goods stored at the distributor's store.

Good management of the above will help preserve the products better without having to increase in the concentration of antimicrobials.

Some natural ingredients used for cosmetics formulations possess antimicrobial properties.

Two such ingredients are Tee-tree oil Eucalyptus oil.

When such ingredient is used in a formulation, whether the final product still requires any synthetic antimicrobials or not would depend on the concentration of that natural ingredient used(the higher concentration, the better it contributes to self preservation) plus all the factors mentioned above.

Before a product is released for marketing, it has to go through a series of tests with various types and concentrations of antimicrobial agents to determine if the product is stable under various extreme temperatures, and over a desired time span.

Regards: Pierre  

I have been fighting clogged pores all my life.

But for the past 3 months the problem seems to be getting worse, specially my chin and nose.

Therefore, for the past 6 weeks I have been getting glycolic acid peels with extractions to try and clear up my skin but no luck.

I have also changed my skin care line to a clinical skin care line called Peter Thomas Roth based out of New York.

Their products are specially formulated for acne prone skin and clogged pores.

My esthetician does not understand how my pores can be so clogged after all the extraction she performs.

She also says that my skin care routine is correct for my skin type.

I go get these peels every 2 weeks- I have completed 4 of them at the moment.

Also, all of my make-up is non-comedogenic and I do not touch my face.

I have tried absolutely everything to try and clear up this problem and I seem to be using all the correct products - do you think Wondergel would be useful for me? If you think that it might help would be possible to try a sample first.

Please respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help.

Alejandra (submitted by alias: Alejandra)

Hi Alejandra, Clogged-pores is a common skin flaw.

The debris that clogged the pores comprises the skin's surface dead cells, environmental dirt, bacteria, salt from dried-up sweat, staled sebum secretion, waxes dried-up from face creams, and colored pigments(i.e. iron oxides) from dried-up makeup.

These are being deposited on the skin's surface daily.

As such, if they are not properly removed, the accumulations will seriously clog-up the pores.

Glycolic Peeling will not help in your clogged-pores.

Infact it will make it worse for your current situation.

Glycolic Peeling will shed your skin even more, thus producing more shedded dead cells to clog your pores.

From what you describe, the products you are currently using aren't effective.

Firstly, you must use a cleanser that really cleans by effectively softening/ dissolving the accumulated debris now clogging your pores, as well as removing your daily debris deposits.

Next, your skin's excessive secretion must be calmed/sedated by applying products that contain soothing/calming active ingredients.

Trying to rid off oily secretions by excessive washing with soap or any foam/soap base cleansers will only make it worse.

When you wash excessively with soap, your skin will dehydrate after each wash.

During the dehydration period, the skin will physiologically react by trying to compensate the temporary loss of oil/moisture by stimulating the oil glands to produce more oil.

This stimulation only causes more oil(which could not flow out due to your clogged condition) to build up beneath your pores and, thus, worsen the situation.

You will find your skin getting coarser.

Makeup are colored products, which contain coloring substances, colored pigment oxides(iron oxides), zinc oxides, titanium oxides, talc, etc..

As such, the manufacturer should never claim that they are non-comedogenic.

To claim that a product is non-comedogenic is to say that the product contains ingredients that will not contribute to the building up of comedones.

Comedones is a medical term for blackheads.

The debris that clogged the pores are blackheads/comedones!!! And all the pigments, oxides and talc are powdery grains which do contribute to pore-clogs.

Unless you have a good and effective cleanser and a good skincare routine, I'd advise that you stop using makeup for one to two weeks.

If you are willing to accept my advice, I would prefer that you stop all others and use the samples I will send you.

It will comprise 4 to 5 items.

I am confident you will see quick positive results, like many others have testified to us.

However, you will have to pay only for the postage which costs about $10.You only pay upon receipt of the samples.

One more request is that you testify for our products efficacies when you see remarkable improvements.

Please let me know if you want me to send the set of samples.

Regards: Pierre