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Oily Skin & Seborrhea

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Oily Skin


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The majority of people don’t like having oily skin because they believe it’s the root cause of all their clogged pores and acne problems, as brainwashed by beauticians and dermatologists. 

The actual root cause that led to their clogged pores and acne woes are primarily their cleansers and erroneous skin care regimen advice they have been adhering to besides improper diet, consumption of hormonal drugs, unhealthy life style and more. 

While it’s common sense that oily skin attracts dirt more readily it can be cleared daily without harming the skin with the right cleanser. 

Unfortunately, cleansers available in the market are made from conventional free formulas from raw materials vendors which give your skin a double whammy! 

For soap-based cleansers(or more rightfully detergent cleansers, irrespective of whatever fanciful names and claims made) they rob away your skin’s precious fresh secretion that is a vital component to your skin’s balanced sebum formation, while hardening the clogged debris (due to the salt component in these cleansers). So, what these cleansers do is just the exact opposite of what you paid for. They can even lead to seborrheic condition. 

For emulsion cleansers, the heavy wax content and/or other fats in them would just be deposited and accumulated in your pores, while the detergent emulsifying agent that’s found in them would sensitize your skin. 

The emulsifying agent (or emulsifier) used in these free conventional formulas used are usually harsh detergents like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate(SLS), Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) and the like. 

Why do they include such harsh ingredients? 

Well, one of the most challenging tasks of a formulator is to achieve a stable  emulsion that can withstand extreme temperatures of hot and cold, which the end product would be subject to when carried around with the end user. An unstable emulsion would easily separate into two layers between oil and water. Soap, being a very strong emulsifier on its own, is thus used in such Free formulas to effectively bond the oil and water phases together with high stability(and without the need to go through the painstaking difficult research work to produce a stable, safe and efficacious end product), but in the expense of the well-being of end-users. 

The Dr Pierre range of cleansers, deep cleansers and scrubs for oily skin (Product #s 14, 14D, 10F, 17F, 31-O, 031, 91S) work by gently dissolving daily grime and dirt and calming the gland activity without rendering your skin the double whammy described above. 


Anything I can do to help decrease oily condition and decrease sizs of pores especially on nose from too many years of squeezing?  

(submitted by alias: Name withheld by request ) 

Hi, If your enlarged pores are due to many years of squeezing, they are likely indentations, which will take a longer time to treat.

I believe what you squeezed out were comedones (or blackheads in layman terms, although they may not necessarily be black).

There's no necessity to resort to squeezing if you have an effective cleanser that can soften, dissolve and remove daily waste deposits, and have a good range of daily/ nightly care products that do not contain high wax contents in them.

As for oily condition, most people were either recommended soap-base cleansers by beauticians/aestheticians/physicians, or resorted themselves to using soap to rid off their oily condition.

Soap will emulsify away surface fluid oil, and harden the clogged oily debris, thus causing more accumulation of stubborn blackheads.

When the surface skin oil is being harshly removed by soap in this manner, the sebaceous glands will physiologically multiply oil production to compensate the sudden oil loss, thus leading to a condition where the skin is even more oily, yet coarse.

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i've had a problem with cystic acne since seventh grade.

i believe it may be genetic because both my sister and my mother have the same problem.

i've been on numerous oral antibiotics and have used many different topical medications.

recently, i was on accutane, 80mg, up to 3 times a day.

unfortunately, i was unable to finish the treatment (i was on it for about 4 months).

my face is incredibly clear now, except for one trouble area.

my left cheek, in the same spot, tends to develop cysts right before my periods.

this past week, i had another reoccurence.

i went to my dermatologist, and i got injections on two separate occasions.

finally, when it didn't get any better, i squeezed it.

i have done this before so i used extreme caution.

i poked the apparent point with a steralized needle and then squeezed out all the puss.

now, i have a very dark mark in that area.

i was wondering if this could possibly be just a bruise from ruptured blood vessels under the skin, or is it a discoloration at this point??? it has been about 4 days, and it seems to be getting a little better every day.

i have lustra to use of my scars, but it irritates my skin, and turns the whole area red.

so now, i don't know what i can use on these dark areas.

i still have marks from previous cysts in the very same area, so it covers more of my cheek than it would if it were just that one cyst.

so, how soon can i expect this mark to disappear? is it a bruise or a discoloration at this point? and what products can i use on it which will help fade the marks without irriating my skin? thank you, kat (submitted by alias: kat) 

Hi Kat, antibiotics should not be taken on a long term basis, because your body will become immune and your dosage will have to be increased over time.

Your own body’s defence system will also become less and less active, since an outside defence force(that is antibiotics) is doing the defence for the body.

Try changing your pillow case daily.

Often bacteria from your hair and acne would get onto the pillow and multiply.

When your clean part of the face rested on it from night to the next morning, trillions of bacteria could have transferred from the pillow case onto your skin, and sensitize it, leading to breakouts.

Check if you often sleep with your left cheek on the pillow.

Squeezing is bad practice.

It will inevitably leave scars.

Scars from squeezing are ruptured capillaries, not depigmentation or hyper-pigmentation of your melanin cells.

It can heal over time.

It can also be speeded up with our product : #99 Herbal SR Cream 0.42 FL.OZ.(12ML) at $27.70 per jar.

However, for fast amazing results, it is best to use our complete set of skincare without mixing with any other product not from our line.

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Best Regards: Pierre  

how can you rid yourself of oily skin? does it reduces with age?  

what kind of cleansers are good to use?  

Proactive a acne medication sold on television, does that work well in helping reduce acne blemishes? what about gycolic acid? is it good for your skin?  

what do you recommed to use in order to clear up the blemishes? what about differin how long does it take to help improve acne vulguris?  

(Submitted by alias: Name withheld by request)

Hi, One thing for sure is never use soap to rid surface oil.

It will only make it worse.

Your outer skin will dehydrate and rupture, while the inner skin will become more oily due to the underlying sebaceous glands being activated physiologically to produce more oil to compensate the loss caused by soap on the outer skin.

Yes, as one ages, the sebaceous glands will become less active, thus producing lesser oil, and the skin becomes less oily over time.

However, there are people still having very active glands even after 40.

You can use a good and effective cream or lotion cleanser(not soap).

You need to try them out yourself to determine if they are really good.

Below are some areas to evaluate a cleanser:  

1. It must be able to remove makeup and surface dirt easily with little effort.

For makeup, lip color is the most difficult to remove because lip colors contain also coloring which stains stubbornly.

If your cleanser can remove lip color with ease, no doubt it will effectively remove other makeup powder and surface dirt.

2. You should feel fresh and your skin should look clean, yet non-dehydrating(that is, without any tight sensation), and your complexion should feel silky and soft at touch.

3. After each cleanse, your skin should improve and become clearer and smoother over time - not after two years! but after a few days or so.

Your friends and acquaintances should be able to notice the difference and tell you so.

If your skin remains at status quo, or become coarser or drier or oilier or more clogged over time, OR having breakouts, then the cleanser is nothing more than an ordinary standard cream or lotion product manufactured from Conventional formulations given Free by chemical suppliers to the product manufacturer.

I know glycolic acid doesn't help much.

Some users even have more breakouts after use.

As for those proactive acne medication, you really need to try them out.

However, my advice is whatever they claimed, take it with a bag of salt, not just a pinch

If there are no samples for you to try be careful.

In the beauty industry, there are just too many unscrupulous practices, even by the big boys.

Differin, is the product brand name for the drug Adapaline.

Following Common Side Effects have been reported: Scaling, dryness, erythema, pruritus and burning will occur in between 10% and 40 % of users.

Pruritus or burning sensation also occurs immediately after application in about 20 % of users.

Not that I want to recommend our line of products, but why go through the above likely torments when our anti-acne cream products do not have any of the above reported side-effects? I urge you to try out our Free sampleset.

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Best Regards: Pierre 


I am currently on Accutane (10 weeks into my 20 week treatment) and although my skin shows improvement I still get several breakouts on my cheeks.

These are not like the pimples I got before I started the Accutane treatment (unless they just seems worse when isolated), they are larger, harder, and take twice as long to heal.

Just as one heals another one pops up in it's place and it gets VERY frustrating.

I know I should be patient and hope for the best with my Accutane treatment because nothing else has worked in the past and I have tried tetracycline, monocycline, benzoyl peroxide (2.5%, 5%, 10%), salysilic acid (1%), benzamycine, differin, and retin-A.

Is there anything I can put on these large, painful pimples to make them heal faster while I am on the Accutane treatment.

Thank you very much, Sarah (submitted by alias:Sarah)

Hi Sarah, you are not alone in experiencing these effects (or rather side-effects) of Accutane.

Many Accutane users have similar experiences.

BTW, Accutane is the brand name for the drug Isotretinoin for treatment of acne, but it can cause birth defects when taken by pregnant women.

Accutane works by damaging the oil glands to reduce the oil production, thus secretions.

I'm not in favor of such treatment method.

Although Oily skin is often the culprit leading to the formation of acne, the skin cannot afford to have the essential oil robbed off this way.

Skin without sufficient amount of oil will cause the protective layer(Acid Mantle or Sebum) to damage.

When this happens the skin ruptures, allowing easy bacterial invasion and thus, causing the condition to deteriorate.

The real problem is not the oil secretions that needed to be stopped.

It is a matter of how to keep the surface skin's oil fresh always, and rid off staled oil daily.

As most skincare manufacturers use Conventional formulations which are obtained for Free from their chemical suppliers, most creams and cleansers sold under different big brand names are about the same - poorly formulated and ineffective.

These Conventional formulations use very high wax content to give body to the creams(that is to make the cream look more viscose) and to make the creams effective in preventing moisture loss(wax is a good water-proof agent) when applied on the skin.

As such, these creams are one big contributor to the debris deposits that clogged the pores.

Even cream and lotion cleansers are made in the same way.

Instead of effectively removing stale oil and dead cells, they add on to them.

As a result most people believed that soap and soap-based cleansers seem to clean better.

However, this is also incorrect.

Soap makes a person feel fresher because the sensation is that something has been removed after a wash.

But what is removed is the fresh oil secretion which is a vital component to make up that protective layer as explained above.

Soap is an emulsifier ( surface active agent ).

Water normally does not attract oil.

With soap acting as emulsifier, it helps water to attract and flush away oil.

So soap actually emulsifies away fresh oil secretions.

What is needed to be removed (i.e. those staled and hardened debris formed and accumulated from dirt, waste and salt from sweat water, dead cells, bacteria, makeup powder, etc) remained, and even got worse in effect.

They became harder, because soap contains salt.

Salt causes oil to increase its viscosity.

Another problem arises when soap is used.

When skin is dehydrated by soap, the skin will physiologically activate the sebaceous glands to multiply their oil production.

So, within a few hours the surface skin gets even oilier.

The hyper oil production activity causes the oil ducts to be even more clogged as the clogged debris absorbed them.

Thus, the debris gets thicker and more each passing day, and enlarged pores became evident.

The net result of using products with these Conventional formulations only make one's skin coarser, more clogged, more blackheads, more skin rupture, and eventually more pimples and acne! Tetracycline, monocycline, etc cause skin to dry up.

This causes skin also to rupture.

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Best Regards: Pierre  

I used to have very few pimples although my T-zone is kind of oily.

But about two years ago, I started to breakout more frequently.

About six months ago, the situation got realy worse.

I breakout a lot on cheeks, then chins, but not much on forhead or nose.

But overall my face looks very oily.

I even breakout on some not so oily area.

I've been using clinique products for almost two years.

They don't seem to help.

I've been using Neutrogena acne product for past seven months, and that could probably be why my acne problem get worse.

I stopped using makeup, but things didn't change.

What would you recommend for me to try? Rachel (submitted by alias: rachel) 

Dear Rachel, That was only the beginning.

When skin is oily it attracts makeup powder, dirt, bacteria more easily, and together with the daily shedded stale dead cells, can flow inwards into the pores and clog them.

The deposits accumulate over time, and if you don't have an effective cleanser to remove them daily, that's it.

The bacteria in the clogged deposits multiply rapidly, and when your health is weak at times with low defense activity from within your own body, the on-going battle between the bacteria and your weak defense system would cause the red swelling to appear(those are pimples).

After a while, they became pustules.

Pustules are dead bacteria.

That's a good sign, because it means that the bacteria have lost the battle, and the pimple will subside.

However, because of the same on-going health and hygiene habits with the use of ineffective skincare products, new bacteria and other harmful deposits continue to be absorbed through the pores, and the problem usually aggravate over time.

Worse, most skincare creams contain high wax content.

Despite their big names, most of these companies use Conventional formulations obtained FREE from their chemical suppliers, just like FREE recipe books given to housewives by suppliers of edible oil.

That is why they are all about the same amongst the different big brand names.

When the cream's water content evaporates the remaining solid Wax deposit aggravates the clogs, by causing the clogged debris to harden further.

At this stage most people thought frequent cleansing with soap-based cleansers will rid the oiliness and the clogged pores, and controlling secretions.

Most skincare product companies encourage and endorse such methods with the use of their Conventional formulations.

Soap-based cleansers emulsify away fresh soft secretions instantly causing skin to dehydrate.

The freshly secreted oil is much needed by the skin to BOND the daily shedded dead cells together to form that protective layer known as SEBUM or ACID MANTLE.

Soap also contains salt which will readily cause the clogged oily deposits to harden further.

When skin gets dehydrated, the bonding breaks, and the skin ruptures, thus becoming easy grounds for bacterial invasion and foreign matters to penetrate.

What needs to be rid off daily are those hardened staled waste deposits, but soap-based cleansers won't remove them.

Instead, they only made them harder and more difficult to remove over time.

After each wash with a soap-based cleanser, when the skin's freshly secreted oil is removed, the skin will physiologically react to compensate the loss oil by multiplying its sebaceous production activity, thus causing the surface to appear oily again within a few hours.

During that few hours of transition time, the skin was in a ruptured condition and bacteria and foreign matters got in easily.

When increased sebaceous activity caused the skin to become oilier hours later lots of the oil will also be absorbed by those clogged deposits on their way out through the hair follicles.

Thus, the deposits get thicker as the absorbed oil became hardened through the same vicious cycle.

So, the skin will appear oily but with enlarged pores, blackheads and acne over time, and your total complexion appears coarse and thick.

If you do have great effective cleansers, you can continue to use makeup.

However, if you were to continue with the current set of cleansers you have, then obviously makeup will aggravate the problem, although not using them will not help either, due to the ineffectiveness of the cleansers and the comedogenic creams that are depositing waxes into your pores daily.

I strongly urge you now to stop using all of them, and switch to using the complete set of our herbal products for your daily/nightly regimen.

I assure you that you will regain your baby-soft youthful and supple complexion soon! Even with the first application you will see and feel the great difference, and within days your family members and friends will notice the change in your complexion.

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I have had blackheads and acne since I was a teenager.

I bet I've tried just about every over the counter treatment available.

Not only does my face and neck break out, also chest and back.

My complexion is naturaly caramel colored, therefore, leaving me with scars.

My next move we be a dermatologist.

What do you reccommend? Any info would be helpful.


Tonya (submitted by alias:Tonya )

Hi Tonya, you are suffering from Seborrhea.

This problem lies with your body's unusually hyper active sebaceous glands.

You may see a dermatologist.

If your current seborrheic condition is not yet a seborrheic dermatitis case, then it is not so serious.

If it is a condition of seborrheic dermatitis, then there is no known cure yet, but it can be kept under control.

The treatment of seborrheic dermatitis depends on which part of the body is involved.

Treatment will need to be repeated from time to time.

Dermatologists may prescribe the following if it is a condition of seborrheic dermatitis.

Ketoconazole cream once daily for 2 to 4 weeks.

Hydrocortisone cream up to twice daily for 1 or 2 weeks.

For treatment of your scars and to help clear your clogged pores (a condition evident in all seborrheic cases), I would recommend that you use a set of effective skincare products for your daily and nightly routines.

When I say Effective, I mean Cleansers that are able to dissolve fat and waste that clogged your pores, and not add to them; Toners with anti-phlogistic actions to prevent the spread of bacteria; Day and Night Creams that are non-comedogenic (i.e. not containing high fat contents), but can keep skin smooth and having treatment properties of scars.

If you would want me to recommend a set of our line of products for you, please let me know.

Best Regards: Pierre  

I have mostly oily skin and sensitive skin that reacts to strong perfumes and creams.

My face, neck, and back have been breaking out for over a year now.

I have not changed my diet, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and cannot figure out the cause.

I have never had acne problems before up until now.

I have tried various products which cost me a fortune and did not see any improvements.

I also went to a dermatologist who prescribed defferin.

I have been using differin for about a year and notice that it doesn't prevent my acne it just eventually dries out the pimples.

I am looking for something that will prevent acne and keep my face looking smooth and not dried out.

Do you have a product that prevents acne and if so how can I be sure that it will work for me.

I am now using cheap affordable soap for sensitive skin and witch hazel during the day.

I wash my face twice a day, and I am still using differin at night.

Thank you for your help!  Nan (submitted by alias: Nan) 

Hi Nan, I can see that your problems were sparked off by serious clogged pores.

Being oily, your skin is already prone to getting pore clogs.

The creams you said your skin reacts to, are creams with conventional formulations which contain high wax contents.

This again contribute to your clogged pores.

Most cosmetics product also contain strong perfumes to camouflage the ingredients with strong odor or some waxy smells.

The product and soap you are currently using all aggravate further by drying up your skin.

When your outer skin is being dried up, the underlying sebaceous glands will be physiologically activated to produce more oil to compensate the oil loss outside on the skin's surface.

But when your skin is so clogged, the excessive oil production below your skin could not flow out, and begin to accumulate inside instead.

When your skin's pores are clogged, staled dirt and bacteria also accumulate and multiply, thus causing your skin to be more sensitive and causing breakouts.

You just need to stop using all of your current products, and switch to using our complete set of herbal products which are alcohol-, perfume-, and coloring-free, and they are all non-comedogenic, and effective.

You need not buy a set now.

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I am confident our products will help you solve most of your problems, like many others have already benefited from.

Regards: Pierre  


I'm a 28 yo male thats currently not using a skin regimen except washing my face and putting on some lotion.

I used to go to a dermatologist in my teen to early college years and I was on Retin-A and Tetracycline.

These did wonders for me and after using it for 4 years I stopped since my skin was clear and I rarely broke out.

Now a few years later I am starting to break out occasionally maybe twice a month.

My skin is a combination of oily in the T-Zone but dry to normal on my chin and cheeks.

What skin regimen do you recommend I use for my face and for the REAL PROBLEM which is the excessive breakouts on the upper back of my body which has left some discolored scarring? I'd really rather not go back to a dermatologist or is that the best course to treat my back at least? Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.

(submitted by alias: Alden) 

Hi Alden, In your teens during college years, it was common to have acne breakouts due to sudden hormonal changes at puberty.

Retine A and tetracycline caused acnes to dry up, and can appear effective in containing acnes for some people, like yourself.

However, it will also cause skin dehydration.

With your current occasional breakouts, you will need to handle it with great care.

Acnes, like open wounds, are susceptible to easy bacterial invasion.

If not properly managed, it can spread like wild fire, and causes scarring like what you're having at your back.

I believe you have been washing your face with soap.

This is not recommendable.

Soap breaks down the skin's acid mantle, thus causing dehydration, and dehydration ruptures your skin.

It becomes conducive for Bacterial invasion.

Your glands will also be forced to multiply their oil and sweat production to compensate the moisture and oil loss and, as such, your skin will be more clogged and appear coarse as a result.

I'd advice that you stop using soap.

I'm not sure what kind of lotion you are using.

Do note, however, that milk lotions if formulated with high wax contents can also promote pore clogging.

When pores are clogged, the skin will become prone to having acnes.

To contain acnes you need to keep your skin clean and hygienic at all times, yet not causing it to lose its oil/moisture balance.

It is a difficult task, but not impossible.

What you need is the right products, correct usage/application methods, and live a healthy life style with good hygiene habits.

As for the breakouts on your back, it is caused initially by clogged pores too.

The glands on our back are usually quite active.

For most people, because the back are usually covered and protected with clothings most times the pores did not get clogged easily.

If your back is exposed to the open air often(especially in environments that are dusty, humid, or with fumes, chemicals and gas), you will have a much higher risk of getting clogged pores, thus acne infections.

Likewise, if you seldom scrub your back properly during your showers/baths the condition can be as bad.

Moreover, you need to get adequate rest and sleep - 7 to 8 hours nightly.

Do not take afternoon naps.

It will cause your body temperature to heat up unnaturally, and upsetting your body's system.

I'd recommend you avoid bare backs.

Always clothed when exposed to the external environment.

Use a good body scrub to scrub your back daily, and apply a good anti-acne cream/lotion until your back is cleared of acnes.

If you want to use our line of products we can recommend you two items as follows:  

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If you wish to order the above two items, and receive the Free sample set for your facial routine, please email me also, and indicate so.

Regards: Pierre  

Hello, Until the age of 22, I had very clear skin.

I used to have a couple of pimples every month which quickly cleared up.

However, for the last seven years, my skin has been progressively getting worse.

My entire face is dry/normal with the exception of my nose which becomes oily and shiny by the end of the day.

Despite the fact that my skin is dry, I have plenty of pimples/pimple like things.

I have small raised bumps under the skin on my forehead.

Tiny white and black dots on my nose.

Tiny white dots on my chin.

Lots of pimples on my cheeks which appear periodically but do not clear up properly so that the skin is very bumpy and slightly scarred.

I also have big pores on my cheeks.

I never extract or even hardly ever touch my pimples.

Am throughly fed up with the perpetual lousy state of my skin and would greatly appreciate any advice on solutions that will truly work.

Thank you very much.

(submitted by alias: Lata) 

Hi Lata, I'm not sure if you are a female.

If you are, I believe that couple of pimples that appeared every month and cleared quickly were just the common breakouts caused by hormonal change during your menses.

When acnes occurred, the skin is ruptured and is like an open wound, allowing easy bacterial invasion.

However, when one was young and healthy, the body's own defence system was capable of defending itself against the bacterial invasion.

But as one ages, and health started to deteriorate, the body becomes less capable of defending itself.

So, personal hygiene and the correct use of cosmetics products, and the right products becomes an important issue to help counter acne breakouts, and to ensuring a good healthy, and supple complexion.

Noting your skin problem mentioned, I believe, like many others, you have been using the wrong products and doing the wrong skincare routines.

You must have tried vigorously to rid the oil off your skin with soaps or cleansers that are prone to dehydrating your skin.

When you do this, the outer skin will get dehydrated, and your skin will physiologically try to compensate the loss of oil and moisture(caused by your frequent cleansing to rid the oil) by activating the oil and sweat glands to multiply their oil and sweat production.

This in turn will cause your skin to be dry externally while even oilier in the underlying layer, causing your pores to clog even more, thus resulting in a bumpy coarse complexion.

If you would take my advice, I'd recommend that you stop using all your current products, and I'll send you a set of our unique herbal concoctions(comprising 5 to 7 items) as Free samples.

You only need to foot for your own postage, costing $10.00, but you need pay only upon receipt of the samples.

If you do want me to go ahead to dispatch the samples please email me again.

You can log on to http://www.pierrechenxu-intl.com/facts.php to read on causes of blackheads I've written. (site no longer active)

Regards: Pierre