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Allergy, Sensitive and Sensitized Skin 

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Allergy Sensitive Sensitized Skin 

Sensitive skin is hereditary and is a skin type, while sensitized skin is acquired - a condition caused by certain irritants primarily from skin care and makeup products.  

If your skin flushes or reddens easily, or itches, stings or inflames and burns easily even under short exposure to moderate intensity sunlight, then you have a sensitive skin which is normally fairer (having less melanin cells) and thinner (i.e. a thinner epidermis layer). And of course sensitive skin is more prone to irritants. 

However, people with normal healthy skin can be sensitized by irritants and overtime become sensitive too, although early detection can be treated. 

Whether you have sensitive skin or sensitized skin, you must be extra careful and alert when applying anything on your skin. It’s always a safer bet to test it first on behind your ear area, under arm or any hidden part of your body that would react quickly to any irritant, except your face. 

Every normal and healthy person’s body would reject anything it finds not in tandem with itself by vomiting or sweating profusely or diarrhea or rashes & any other signs of allergic reaction. 

Irritants may or may not be easily identified. Some irritants like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Hydroxide, Hydroquinone and many others could be singled out via a systematic patch test routine. However, at times, it may not be the individual ingredient that’s causing the reaction, but the synergistic effect of the end product. 

So, in the event that no ingredient could be singled out as the culprit to your sensitizing problem, stopping the use of that product is the right thing to do! 

Here at Dr Pierre, we don’t use any potentially harmful ingredients and pray for the best. We ensure that not only the best and safest ingredients are used, but that rigorous research is carried out to produce the end-product that would render Fast Efficacious result not only to 10%, 20% of users (which can occur by pure chance), but to more than 95% of end users! 




I would like to know what treatments/products you would suggest using for my skin problems. 


I have a pigmentation problem on the right side of my face that has worsened progressively over the past five years.

It started as a small spot on my cheek and has increased to most of the right side and has moved to my forehead.

I have had numerous glycolic peels, used Renova, RetinA and other bleaching cream.

I think all of these things have just worsened my skin condition and made it extremely sensitive to any sunlight and resulted in more acne type problems.

I do take birth control pills, but the pigmentation problem started and progressed long before I started taking them.

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Laura (submitted by alias: laura)

Hi Laura, with your current condition, the first thing you must avoid is exposure to the sun.

Using a good sunscreen with SPF 8 to 15 is sufficient.

Do not use one that's higher.

Sunscreens with higher SPF can cause lots of other complications to the skin.

More about SPF here!

Artificial peels often caused more harm than good.

After a fresh peel, the skin temporarily appears soft and fair but, actually, it is due to the disappearance of some of the epidermal sub-layers which have been peeled off.

With the loss of some sub-layers, naturally the skin has a much thinner epidermal skin, thus less protective capability against the sun's harmful UV rays.

I advise that you stop receiving such treatment altogether.

Birth control pills can also cause a hormonal imbalance in your body over time, and leading to some melanin cells to over-multiply themselves.

Although your pigmentation problem started and progressed long before you started taking them, it does not necessarily mean that it is not one of the current additional causes to your pigmentation problem.

If, after having avoided the sun and having used a good sunscreen for some time, there's still no improvement, then the primary cause of your pigmentation now is due to the pills.

Of course your skin peels and past exposure to the sun are most likely the early causes to your pigmentation problem, but your pills could have become a later problem contribution source.

Bleaching creams can only work, provided the source of the problem can be controlled.

Nevertheless, all other daily/nightly skincare products used also play a role to some extent in your resulting skin condition.

I urge you to try our samples.

For your convenience I have pasted a copy of our text version Sampleset Request Form below here for your completion.

(Note: Actual form contents are removed from here to save space)

Best Regards: Pierre  

Thank you very much for the very prescise advise.

I have been tring so many things, dermetlogies, cosmetics, chinese medison..etc, but you seemed to be the best adviser.

I have one more Question.

I might ask you on the letter with the photo last time...

Do you think I can go for the peeling? ( Chemical peeling or whatever they call.) Have you heard "Obagi"? That is famous salon/ dermetology/ laser center where my Singaporean friend also knows.

Do you think it will harm my facial skin since I have very sensitive skin? I am afraid that the redness won't go away after the peeling( It shoud be normal to keep redness for a couple of hours, though) Well, I am looking forward to try your products first.

( I will postpone the appointment with them.) What do you think how long I should keep tring the products to see if it is working for me  

(submitted by alias: Sachiko) 

Hi, it's not advisable for you to have any form of peeling(chemical or abrasive) at this moment.

Your skin can't take it now.

These treatments are too harsh for your current condition.

It needs time to recuperate and physiologically replacing its own cells.

For our products, you should know if it’s suitable after one to two applications, and if it is, you should see improvement after each application - initially more obvious and eventually improvement becomes gradual.

This phenomena is normal.

Let me explain with the following example: When you have been seeing an object in black all the time, the moment it turns grey you will notice the change very obviously.

However, as the object turns to lighter grey, you will still notice the change but less obvious.

As it continues to change to yet a lighter grey, and lighter grey and so on, it becomes less and less obvious to your eyes.

This explanation clarifies that it is not the product getting less and less effective as time goes on, but simply your eyes can't differentiate the change as it continues to improve.

However, those who have seen your previous condition will notice the change when they next see you again after a certain time interval.

Regards: Pierre  

I am 27 years old, Japanese and living in the States for 6 years.

My acne has started since when I was 14 or so.

(After I started my period.) Although my acne on the cheek is gone, the openpores and redness remained and the skin got rougher.

And the worse thing is the part is expanding year by year.

As I mentioned before, before the menstruation, I get tiny acne inc.

whitehead on the area where I don't have acne before.

So now clear skin is almost gone from my face.

I am sure I usually have whitehead as well as the blackhead.

(I cannot squeese unless I use needle.) I have whitehead near chin and neck now.

I know it is something to do with my hormone.

So I have started to take birth control pill called Oarth Tricyclen.

It is less than a month so that I cannot figure it has been good for me.

Before I took different kinds of antibiotics, Minocyn or monodox, but didn't work.

I also tryed topical products such as Metrogel, Azlex(New brand), Neostrata, and all kinds of stuff I can get from drug store.

Only tings I haven't try are Retain-A and Accutane....

I am not sure if you are familiar with those products...

I am single, not pregnant.

I usually use facewash from salon, which is Dermelogica "anti-back face wash" or Japanese CAC (Brand) powder type, this one is very mild.

For the toner I use Pola (Japanese) Sekkisei, or Chanel for Oily skin.

Lotion and sun protection I am using Total Diffence from Chanel (Spf 15, non-fre, oil control).

I try not to use fregrance-in, and avoiding oil contained.

I don't usually put makeups.

Night time I am not using anything right now except Vitamin E oil for aroud eyes and neck.

I used to have very oily skin but it is changing.

So I have kind of oily skin but it is also on the cheek.

People usually tell me I got very sensitive, or combi, or oily skin.

Aroun my nose and cheek, I have openpores and I can see oily-white stuff ( Are they comedos?) coming out from pores.

Sometimes I use twizler to take or they can be squeezed out.

I don't have Stress that much and I can sleep soon after I am in bed.

I think since I started to take birthcontroll pills, I sleep well.

(But I have very hard time waking up, maybe because my body has been changed as well as the bloodpressure.) I also take vitamins, eat a lot of fruit, vegis, and don't eat greasy that much.

I wash my face twice a day.

I went to see many dermetrogists and, some told me my problem is genetic, but non of my family has this proble that I know.

I even went for lazer because of the spider vains.

The doctor said, most of the redness is caused by acne.

So I have combi of things going on my facial skin.

But my acne is almost unseen (They are looked more like rough skin because they are small and not really poped out most cases)) with the redness.

Well, when I take picture closeup of my face I will send it to you.

Meanwhile I just want to try your products.

I forgot to tell you that I use mask, Purifying Mask from Shiseido and Chinaclay mask from Clentel (U.S. product).

I hardly use scrub since I know it might cause more broken vassels.

Please give me suggestion, I will do anything for my skin.

Thank you very much for taking your time.

(submitted by alias: Sachiko) 

Hi Sachiko, I received your letter and 8 photographs.

Observing from your photos(although not very sharp), your skin is now very sensitive and inflamed.

You also mentioned that you flushed easily even since childhood days.

This means you have got very fine(and fair/light) epidermis.

As such, your skin is quite easily reddened also by sunlight(photosensitive), because your skin contains little amount of melanin pigment cells(melanocytes), and thus cannot effectively protect it from the harmful effects of the UV rays, which worsens your current condition.

Although you need protection from the sun (especially during summer time, or whenever you are out in the open), unfortunately it's not advisable for you to use sunscreen of high SPF value.

You should use only below SPF15 (try a small amount on your neck area first to test if your skin can take it or not).

You should also not use any soap-base cleansers(like the face wash you mentioned) to wash your face, and you should not wash more than twice a day for the time being.

Soap-based cleansers will cause superficial dehydration(though temporarily).

When this happens two events would follow:  

1. The skin cracks and ruptured(and became coarse), and allows bacteria to penetrate freely. This worsens your acneic condition.

2. Your skin will physiologically react on its own to try to compensate the loss of moisture(due to the temporary dehydration caused by the soap-based cleanser).

When this happens there will be excessive production of sebum underneath your skin, causing your pores to clog.

Soap-based cleansers also contain salt(part of the ingredients to help increase the viscosity of the cleanser) which contributes to the hardening of the sebum.

Cream cleansers are generally better for conditions like yours, but some cream cleansers unfortunately contain large amount of high viscosity wax.

Such cleansers usually leave stains of hardened waxes on skin after rinsing, and thus also contribute to pore-clogs.

Cream cleansers with low viscosity wax and oil are known as non or low-comedogenic and are safer and more effective.

The same applies to day cream and night cream which are to be left on the face for long hours.

Those containing high viscosity wax and oil should be avoided.

You can do a simple test to find out if a cream(cleansers, day and night creams, etc.) is non-comedogenic or hyper-comedogenic (Non-comedogenic means not prone to contributing to comedo).

Just decant one to two ml of the cream and place it on a piece of normal writing paper for one to two days, and observe again (do not spread the cream. Just leave it as a lump like a small molehill).

If, after two days, most of the cream had disappeared and are absorbed into the paper(you can see the oil patch surrounding the cream), leaving very little or no traces of any visible cream on the paper, then the cream is low or non-comedogenic.

If, on the other hand, you find the small molehill of cream is still there or has shrunk only slightly, leaving a lump of hardened wax substance, then the cream contains a high content of wax substance and should be avoided.

Too much of Vit E and Retin A will cause your skin to peel often(not good for sensitive skin like yours currently).

Clay mask will also absorb(suck) moisture from your skin and cause dehydration.

I recommend you stop applying for now.

Now I'm going to recommend you a simple regimen, using only four of our products first.

You should stop all others in order to see speedy results.

The 4 products are:  

1. Dr Pierre Product #17/F DeepCleanse Refreshening Fluid. (This is a liquid cleanser/makeup remover).

2. Dr Pierre Product #69 Licorice Toner.

3. Dr Pierre Product #87 Azulene Active Cream.

4. Dr Pierre Product #090 Wondergel Ginseng AC Cream (Anti-Acne Cream).

Please follow and adhere to the following instructions closely:  

A) Every morning:  

Step 1 : Decant Prod #17/F on a cotton pad, and wipe face and neck gently to remove staled grease, dirt, dead-cells and any debris.

Step 2 : Rinse thoroughly with running water(Use a facial sponge if desired, but wipe gently and lightly).

Step 3 : Tap dry with a tissue(avoid using towel for time being).

Step 4 : Apply #69 with a cotton pad, by tapping lightly on face and neck, and wait a while for it to dry and to be absorbed, before going to the next step.

Step 5 : Apply #090 sparingly on acne spots(or acneic areas).

Apply #87 on all other unaffected areas.

For the time being, please avoid applying any makeup(except eyebrow and lip areas).

B) Every Evening/Night:  

Step 1: Decant Prod #17/F on a cotton pad, and wipe off makeup first(in your case eyebrow and lip areas only, if you do apply), then wipe face and neck gently to remove staled grease, dirt, dead-cells and any debris.

Step 2 : Rinse thoroughly with running water(Use a facial sponge if desired, but wipe gently and lightly).

Step 3 : Tap dry with a tissue(avoid using towel for time being).

Step 4 : Apply #69 with a cotton pad, by tapping lightly on face and neck, and wait a while for it to dry and to be absorbed, before going to the next step.

Step 5 : Apply #090 sparingly on acne spots(or acneic areas).

Apply #87 on all other unaffected areas.

Other Hygiene/Health Aspects to observe:  

1. Tie your hair up when sleeping to avoid bacteria from hair from spreading to your ruptured skin.

2. Change your pillow case as often as possible - preferably cover it with a clean towel and change it daily.

3. Wash your hair daily if possible(avoiding the shampoo from flowing down on your face!!!).

4. Avoid squeezing, fiddling and pricking your acnes(or face) with bare hands/fingers.

5. Avoid the sun.

6. Avoid fried food.

7. Drink plenty of plain water.

8. Go to bed on time and sleep at least 7 to 8 hours nightly. Do not stay up late at night.

9. Avoid dusty places or places near chemicals, where chemical gas/fumes are likely to be present.

Above steps are also applicable for your hands and other parts of the body as well.

Samples will be sent to you this week, and you should receive them next week.

Keep in touch with us, and let us know of your improvement, or if you have any further clarification to make, please don't hesitate to email me. 


Best Regards: Pierre