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Firstly, let me clarify that whiteheads is the layman term for Milia, and it is not comedones that appear white before oxidation or before being overlaid by black dirt, as most aestheticians thought. 

The common folks have also been taught and told that they are white-colored comedones. 

There are many types of Milia, but they are all hardened salt-like crystals clogging the sweat pores which are blinded with no openings, unlike comedones (or blackheads) which are clogged debris in hair pores with openings. Milia is widely said to contain keratin, but my findings point more likely to salt crystals. 

Milia is way more difficult to rid off than blackheads. 

Aestheticians would remove them by first pricking with a sterilized needle before squeezing these salt-like crystals out.  

Keeping the skin well moisturized can prevent the manifestation of milia. 

The Dr Pierre line of cleansers, deep cleansers and scrubs have been reported by users to be effective in the gradual removal of milia too, although they are not specifically formulated to rid milia. 


How can I get rid of comedones such as whiteheads -- tretinoin, clindamycin, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acids all don't work!!!  

(submitted by alias: charley)

Hi Charley, comedones and whiteheads are two different things.

Comedones are blackheads( although they can be white, before oxidation and accumulated for not too long a time) which are debris that clogged the hair-pores.

Whiteheads are milia which are hard grain-like crystals that clogged the sweat pores.

While Comedones have protruding exposed heads(tips), whiteheads(milia) do not have any exposed heads.

Yes, you are right.

Tretinoin, clindamycin, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acids, all don't work.

I urge you to read the Q&As from the relevant categories here to gain much detail info pertaining to your problem.

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We apologize that this question has been accidentally deleted by a new staff.
(submitted by alias: Damienne)

Hi Damienne, this drug is actually called Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

It works by lowering your body's hormone production.

As such, acne that breakout during puberty may be helped, because acne during puberty is almost always caused by a sudden increase of the body's hormones.

If you have to take oral contraceptives, then Tri-Cyclen seems to be a better choice amongst other pills, since it can also at the same time help reduce your hormone production.

However, do note the following risks it may cause:  

1. Blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.

The risk is even higher if you are over 35 and a smoker.

2. Some studies have reported an increase in the risk of developing breast cancer among women who use oral contraceptives.

Women who have blood clots, certain cancers, a history of heart attack or stroke, as well as those who are or may be pregnant should avoid pills.

However, if you don't need contraceptives in the first place, then you don't need Ortho-Cyclen to treat your acne, even though it is popularly recommended to people who are unresponsive to topical anti-acne medication.

There's no need to treat acne by reducing hormonal activity.

Increased hormonal activity usually causes an increase of glandular activity, producing an excess of oil.

It is this excess of oily secretions that caused the pores to clog, trapping bacteria, dirt, stale dead cells, and all other debris.

This leads to blackheads.

If not treated it then leads to acne.

So, as you can see, if one has a way to prevent the oily secretions from trapping that debris in the pores, then there'll be no clogged pores, thus no acne.

To prevent the oily secretions from trapping debris, you need good effective cleansers that can really remove stale dead cells, dirt and all other debris daily, The problem is that most cream cleansers in the market do not really clean.

They even deposit waxes into the pores to clog them.

Some people ended up using soap, trying to rid the excess oil, not knowing t hat soap causes skin to dehydrate instantly, thus activating the sebaceous glands to multiply their oil production internally to compensate the loss of the surface oil.

Soap also contains salt, which will harden any oily debris, thus clogging the pores even more.

When the increase oil production inside the pores could not flow out due to the hardened debris clogging them, it can also lead to acne.

The dehydration caused by soap also leads to skin rupture, thus allowing easy bacterial invasion into the skin, and leading to acne too.

All drugs will to some extent cause some side-effects.

As to whether Ortho Tri-Cyclen will cause the skin to become more susceptible to UV-rays, I am not sure.

Milia are not blackheads, and are more difficult to treat.

They are primarily salt crystals accumulated in sweat pores.

The salt crystal is as hard as a rice grain, and have no protruding heads like blackheads.

Most aestheticians treat by pricking them with a needle.

This is not advisable.

Our cream-based scrubs work, but takes a longer time than removing blackheads.

The salt crystal will be dissolved gradually over a period of a few weeks to a few months.

This is so because the scrub cream cannot get into the sealed sweat pores as easily as into the open hair pores (where blackheads are found).

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I have Whiteheads on both side of my face.

I have tried so many Acne products, and so far none of them help.

Any uggestions will be greatly appreciated.

(submitted by alias: Duong)

Hi! If you are having whiteheads(milia in medical term), anti-Acne products wouldn't help much.

Well, although most anti-acne products do have anti-bacterial/anti-phlogistic actions which do help keep your skin clear of bacterial spread, they won't clear the milia seeds clogging your sweat pores.

Whiteheads are very hard substances that clogged the pores.

Some people remove them by pricking with a sterilized needle, but it's not advisable.

Our range of products(particularly, item nos. 31-0 and 011, 211, 311) can help but will take more time than for clearing blackheads(comedones).

Blackheads are wax-like softer substances than the rice grain-like whiteheads.

However, if, just in case you got mixed up, and what you mean is actually comedones(which are actually blackheads even if they are still white), then you will find the above-mentioned very effective.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!  

Best Regards: Pierre  

Everyone including a lady who did my facial at Adrien Arpel say I have beautiful skin. 

I would say I do but I do notice tiny whiteheads around my cheeks and under my eyes this beautician said there is nothing I can do, is this true?  

Can you let me know what I can do to get rid of them? and how about dark undereye circles besides sleep and make-up?  

Also since we are on the subject of facial features I noticed that my face is small is there any way I can fatten up just my face or de-empathize it's narrowness that to me looks gaut? Thank you, complimented yet unsatisfied 

(submitted by alias: Demi)

Hi Demi, Whiteheads are milia seeds.

They are embedded.

Unlike blackheads which can be quite easily squeezed out(though still not advisable), whiteheads have to be pricked out with a sterilized needle.

They are primarily accumulated sweat waste, salt from sweat and soap-based products that clogged the sweat pores, and are as hard as rice grains. 


Treatment will not produce results as fast as for blackheads, but will be gradual.

Avoiding the use of soap and using an effective cleanser that really cleanses, and application products that do not promote clogging to the pores help.

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Dark undereye circles may be due to natural deep-set eyes which can only be concealed by makeup.

If they were not born with, then adequate rest, sleep, and frequent eye massage will certainly help.

Besides, makeup is the fastest way to conceal them.

Apply a shade or two lighter( of foundation cream ) than the other surrounding areas of your face.

Likewise, for your small facial features, the best solution is again makeup.

Apply a brighter shade around the narrow parts of your face.

I do not know of any effective means of puffing up narrow facial features by way of skincare products applications.

Regards: Pierre  

I like to know if the wondergel works for the whiteheads too.

I also would like to know if a toner really is a must? And would I do any wrong if I use a mask twice or thrice a week.

Thanks (submitted by alias: Adrian)

Hi Adrian, If you refer to the real 'whiteheads' correctly(which means milia seeds), the Answer is no.

Whiteheads(milia seeds) are embedded in sweat pores.

They are as hard as rice grains, and cannot even be squeezed out, unless pricked with a needle (sterilized).

If, however, you refer to them to mean the pre-oxidized blackheads(which most laymen commonly referred to them erroneously) that clogged the hair pores, then the Answer is yes.

By the way, for milia seeds, although it is very difficult to remove them, it is possible to soften and dissolve them gradually over a long period of time by using good and effective cleansing products.

Toners were often erroneously referred to as astringents.

Toners are aqueous products(primarily water) with other active ingredients for some other specific purposes.

Basically, after cleansing(especially with soap or any soap-based product), the epidermis will dehydrate to some extent.

Following up with a toner will help to wet the skin, thus compensating the moisture loss.

This helps prevent any over-activity of oil production that would otherwise be physiologically activated when skin was dehydrated by the soap. 


Some manufacturers include humectants (moisturizing agents) in toners to enhance moisturizing properties, while some will incorporate astringent ingredients to help tighten pores.

For Japanese products, toners(or they would often refer to them as fresheners) can actually mean a mild liquid soap or mild emulsifying agent.

They are used as a follow-up after using a cleansing cream.

The cleansing cream is usually so greasy and tacky, that requires another second cleansing to remove these tacky stains.

This 2nd cleanser is disguised as a toner(or freshener), and the user is told to wet it on a cotton pad and wipe over the face and neck after cleansing with their cream cleanser.

However, the concentration of the active ingredients that are incorporated to render the toners really effective in its properties' claims varies from one manufacturer to another.

As such, you will find some are effective while others are not.

For the Dr Pierre line, we made active toners to treat specific problems, as follows:  

PCode / Description / Skin Type / Fl.Oz / ML /UnitPrice 

60 Calamine Toner [Acneic] 4.59 130 $35.70  

62 Witch-Hazel Toner [Oily] 4.59 130 $25.70  

63 Camphor Toner [Clogged-Pores] 4.59 130 $25.70  

66 Aloe Toner [Dry] 4.59 130 $25.70  

67 Licorice Toner [Sensitive] 4.59 130 $32.70  

68 Vitamin C Toner [Pigmented] 4.59 130 $32.70  

69 Collagen Toner [All] 4.59 130 $32.70  

So whether a toner is a must, depends largely whether it's really effective.

Most toners also contain a high percentage of ethyl alcohol in order to help preserve the product(due to water-borne microbials since it's an aqueous product).

Since toners are to be left on the skin, the presence of alcohol contents will dehydrate the skin in the long run.

Dr Pierre toners, however, are manufactured with a unique process that requires absolutely no ethyl alcohols.

Masks are supposed to have treatment properties for some specific flaws, or for improving the complexion.

Again, like toners, how effective they really are as claimed depends on the types of active ingredients used and their concentrations.

Whether it should be used two or three times a week depends on the manufacturer when the product was first formulated.

I'd like to caution, however, that many manufacturers have not really done proper tests on real life cases to determine the proper usage.

As such, their recommendation may not be reliable.

You are still the best judge yourself.

Even if they could establish reliably the recommended usage guide, it will still just be a guideline for average users.

Everybody's constitution is different, and their reaction to any product also differs.

So, again you are still the best judge yourself.

If using one time more seems to produce side effects or counter its indication, then use less, and vice versa.

One more note of caution.

Some companies produce masks in powdered form for mixing with water.

The resulting mixture is like clay, and when applied it hardens within 5 to 20 minutes.

It can be warm or cold.

Such masks are better avoided.

The hardened clay is porous.

As the water in the mixture begins to evaporate and dry up, it sucks away the moisture from your skin, thus, causing dehydration.

Despite whatever claims they made that it will get your skin moisturized, etc..it will still suck away your skin's moisture and cause dehydration!!! They have no basis to support their claims.

Some of these categories of masks will even heat up on your skin as it dries up to about 40 deg Celsius.

To some more sensitive skin, it's enough to cause burn, which will eventually develop into brown patches of hyper-pigmentations.

For others, there's a risk of even causing a stroke! As your face heats up, facial blood vessels will be dilated, allowing an abundant amount of blood to rush up to the face(and of course the whole head as a result).

If this is performed while in a lying position, the risk is even higher.

The sudden surge of blood might cause one of the tiny arteries or veins to burst.

So don't take chances! Many beauticians/aestheticians are just too bold(due to lack of knowledge).

They sell these products and perform treatments without any slightest clue of their possible dangerous outcome.

For the Dr Pierre line we have the following active masks, each for a specific purpose:           

PCode / Description / Skin Type / Fl.Oz / ML / UnitPrice 

50 Multiherbal AC-Mask [Acneic] 1.41 40 $32.70  

51 Sage Purifying Mask [All] 1.41 40 $32.70  

52 Witch-Hazel Astringent Mask [Oily] 1.41 40 $32.70  

56 Aloe Moisturizing Mask [All] 1.41 40 $32.70  

57 Azulene Soothing Mask [All] 1.41 40 $32.70  

58 Horseradish Lightening Mask [Pigmented] 1.41 40 $39.70  

59 Herbal SR Mask [Scar] 1.41 40 $39.70  

If you would like to have a set of samples for your skin type, please email your postal address and details of your skin type and skin flaws, age, etc..

Regards: Pierre  

I am an 18 years old female.

I take a shower everynight and wash my face in the shower.

I run on a treadmill for 20 min. every other day.

I don't wear much make-up just base, and powder.

My zit starts out as a big red bumb, them it turns into a 'whitehead' which I can never pop what do I do? I have very pail senstive skin.

The only thing I could think of is maybe I don't get enough sleep or my make-up.

My base is for sensetive skin and so is my powder.

I don't understand I take very good care of my skin but yet it still breaks out.

I have just ordered your WonderGel so I hope that works.

Why don't you sell it in U.S.A? Thank You (submitted by alias: Malice1)

Hi Malice1, It's not good to wash your face in the shower.

If you use a soap-based cleanser(or worse still your hair or body shampoo) it will dehydrate your skin externally, and causes your skin to physiologically compensate for the loss of oil and moisture by enhancing your sebum production activity.

Soap contains salt as part of its ingredients, which will also harden up your oil secretions, thus causing your pores to be clogged by hardened secretions.

Meanwhile, the increase activity in oil production underneath your skin will cause more oil to be accumulated(since your pores are clogged) resulting in more clogged pores and coarse skin.

Also, never allow your shampoo to drain down from your hair(carrying all the dirt and bacteria along) to your face.

External dehydration causes skin to rupture and avail itself to bacterial invasion.

All these resulted to your breakouts, once your body feels weak due to stress or lack of rest/sleep.

If you were to use a cream cleanser(an emulsion) in shower, then it will have no cleansing effect at all, once the cream is mixed and diluted with water.

Thus, your skin's dead cells and debris were left to accumulate, resulting to status quo.

Drink plenty of plain water and have adequate sleep and rest will help a lot.

Zits will not form into 'whiteheads', medically known as milia seeds.

Zits are caused mainly by blackheads(though they may not necessarily appear black.

They turn black only over a long period of time upon oxidation and/or after being overlaid with a thick amount of dirt.

The medical term for Blackheads is Comedones. 

Whiteheads are as hard as rice grains though much tinier, and cannot be easily squeezed.

You need to prick it with a sterilized needle.

Whiteheads are mainly formed in sweat pores, unlike blackheads which are found in hair pores.

Whiteheads, being more stubborn and embedded deep in the tinier sweat pores is more difficult to treat, but over time they still can be rid off, with good proper skincare routine and efficacious skincare products.

Your current sensitive condition is also enhanced by dehydration caused by improper cleansing.

Without proper cleansing(correct method and effective cleansers) makeup should be avoided for the time being.

Makeup contains colored pigments(Iron Oxides) which are hard grainy substances that will certainly clog your pores even more.

However, if you do have an effective cleanser to effectively remove them daily, then it's not a problem to use them.

Wondergel does help in removing your clogged pores more effectively, but it cannot be used daily as a cleanser.

Three times a week is recommended, not more.

For your current condition, if you are prepared to take my advice, I would like to recommend you a set of 4 to 5 items, which I will send you as FREE samples.

You need, however, to pay only the postage which cost you $10, but you'll pay only upon receipt.

You will need to stop using all other products to see rapid improvements.

If you want me to proceed with sending the samples, please let me know.

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Best Regards: Pierre