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SPF8 Anti-Premature Aging Cream

The World's Pioneer in SPF Creams - Prevent Premature Aging And Pigmentation With Dr. Pierre's safe-SPF Anti-UV Cream!


M79P Vitoba Day Cream (5ml)



A gentle & refreshing Anti-UV Anti premature Aging cream that is formulated with special herbal extracts to moisturize & protect skin against harmful UV Rays and environmental elements. It should be used daily, after proper cleansing & toning.


The Collagen in your skin is well protected against the harmful effect of the UV Rays, thus, preventing premature aging, to make you look 5 to 10 years younger than your peers who do not know about this product! You also regain your youthful supple, baby-soft radiant pigmentation-free complexion!


* Alcohol, Fragrance & Coloring Free.
* Soft, gentle, refreshing & fine-textured.
* Naturally pigmented, can be used as a cover-up or under make-up.
* Unique blending of extracts of Ginseng, Chamomile, Horsechestnut, Horsetail, Sage & Witch-hazel yields soothing, astringent & toning actions.
* Unique multi-vitamins blending yields also revitalizing actions to ensure well-being of the skin.

 Treatment Results

 Bef Pigment Acne Treatment





Arrow Acne Treatment

Aft Pigment Acne Treatment 
 Bef Pigment2 Acne Treatment  



Arrow Acne Treatment

Aft Pigment2 Acne Treatment 


 Bef Pigment 1 Acne Treatment  



Arrow Acne Treatment

 Aft Pigment1 Acne Treatment

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