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How SPF Creams Can Cause Pre-mature Aging And Skin Cancer Yet Help OR Deteriorate Acne Treatment and Acne Scars


Why only SPF 8 and not more like what competitors have?

Well, that's because higher SPF creams will render higher risk of pre-mature aging and skin cancer!

Higher SPF Creams also pose high risks for acne treatment programs and acne scars

DR. PIERRE Herbal Cosmeceuticals products vs the Competition

Making Skin Care product is no big deal, because most Skin Care manufacturers made them with Free Standard Formulations obtained from their Chemical/Raw Material suppliers. However, every DR. PIERRE product is uniquely researched and developed by Dr. Pierre himself in rendering fast positive results and a much silkier, radiant, youthful and baby-soft complexion within days! This explains how we differ from all others. While acne sufferers would have their acne scars and acne treatment procedure aggravated by other Sun Protection creams, Dr. Pierre's SPF 8 Anti-UV Creams enhanced healing when used on Acne Scars and in Acne Treatment programs.

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Is Higher SPF better?

Over the years, several competitors followed Dr. Pierre's footsteps, with several companies trying to outdo one another by offering SPF indices of up to as high as 120 in the U.S.A., in the expense and risk of the end-users! These companies irresponsibly (or ignorantly) educate end-users into believing that the higher the SPF the better. Dr. Pierre warned the general consumer public (in the U.S. in particular) against using sunscreens with SPF that's higher than 15.


1. To yield higher SPF, higher concentrations of UV-absorbers need to be used. These are chemical block ingredients and will cause serious skin sensitizing, and harm also skin with acne scars.

2. UV-absorbers, while blocking UV-ray penetration into skin, absorb UV-rays and allow them to accumulate on the skin surface. Over time, via radiation delayed pigmentation and photo-aging results. Those undergoing treatment for acne will be harmed too. Acne scars will be inflammed and darkened!

3. The extremely high SPF gives end-users a false sense of safety, and will prompt them to expose more and longer to direct sun. This will lead to amplified accumulation of much larger doses of UV-rays, thus larger doses of UV radiation through the skin, and a much higher chance of contracting skin cancer. What more on Acne Scars!

4. An unprotected skin of an average Caucasian will take about 15 to 20 minutes to show the first sign of Erythema under the direct hot sun. So, an SPF 100 sunscreen is supposed to protect the skin 25 to 33 hours longer (100 X 15 / 60; 100 X 20 / 60 ). However, the Sun never appears that long! And for the Chinese, with an average time of 25 to 30 minutes of exposure before the first sign of Erythema appears, SPF 100 translates into 42 to 50 hours of protection! What a joke to offer such silly high SPF products, or is it just outright scams?!

5. For lower SPF product, it requires only a little of or no UV-absorbers. Dr. Pierre uses physical block ingredients, which work by reflecting and deflecting the UV-rays, thus rendering the UV-rays little chance to accumulate on the skin surface. Thus, it's extremely safe for acne scars and those undergoing treatment for acne.

Today, several papers have been published by researchers on the risk of high SPF products. The FDA has issued a cap to limit labels of SPF to 30 max., but there're companies who either adamantly chose to ignore this or are totally ignorant.