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What Are Blackheads

Are blackheads acne as classified in the medical dictionary?


Blackheads are physically clogged debris and not acnes

"Blackheads" is a common layman's term which refers to plugs of hardened waxes that have clogged the pores and that are visible to the eyes. They are often associated with acne but they are not acnes, and appear black at the tips due either to oxidation or to environmental dirt overlaying them.

When it is squeezed out, only the tip of the head is black, but the rest is light beige in colour. However, many of these hardened plugs of waxes may not appear to be black at all at the tips, and yet they can pose similar threats to the skin like their "black" counterparts.

 Pure Blackheads With No Acne Manifestation(An evidence showing that Blackheads are not acnes)

Blackheads     Blackheads_Nose

Whiteheads ( or Milia ) They are totally different from Blackheads as most beauticians and popular skincare brands' articles and writeups often got them mixed up with


Constituents of Blackheads

Medically, it is known as comedo, comedos, or comedones. It is not a skin disease by itself, although it often leads to Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris if not promptly treated. Almost everyone, male and female, has blackheads but in varying degrees. It can be largely prevented or removed but cannot be completely stopped. Oily skins (especially Seborrhoeic conditions) are more prone to having blackheads than dry skins, but dry skins are not spared of the blackheads problem.

The main constituents that form blackheads are: hardened sebaceous secretion, surface dead cells, salt (from sweat), waste, bacteria, dirt. For those using makeup and/or skin care products, the constituents may include fats (animal or vegetable), waxes, and colored pigments (iron oxides), except non-comedogenic formulations.

Micro Image of a Single Blackhead

Blackheads Micro Image

Formation Process of blackheads

There are about 3,000,000 cells, 100 sweat pores and 30 sebaceous glands and hair pores per square centimeter of skin. The sweat pores excrete sweat, water, waste, and salt through the sweat ducts while also regulating body temperature.

The hair pores secrete sebaceous secretions through the gland (oil) ducts to lubricate the hair and at the same time emulsify themselves with sweat water to form a protective barrier known as Sebum Film. This creamy film helps bond the surface dead cells together, otherwise the surface cells will appear loose and give a mouldy appearance like in cases of very dry and dehydrated skins.

When oil, sweat, water, and surface dead cells are well balanced and well mixed, together they form a layer of natural translucent foundation cream that gives skin a healthy tone and supple look.

However, this ideal condition won't last long as water from the sweat will soon evaporate, leaving the remaining solid constituents behind which quickly harden into plugs of wax and block the outward flow of sebum to the surface, through the follicles and sebaceous ducts.

The retained sebum accumulates and increases in amount, and the external area hardens further and becomes overlaid with stale cells to form blackheads. If the condition is not properly treated, the sebaceous ducts and hair follicles will become enlarged, and the skin becomes more coarse, with open pores being evident. This is an ongoing natural process on every person's skin and cannot be stopped unless a person dies.

Moreover, in today's polluted industrial environment and hectic lifestyle, our skin is flexed and stretched, and as such, an ideal condition is almost impossible.


Seborrhoea is a condition of overactivity of the sebaceous glands, leading to excessive secretions and abnormal oiliness of the skin's surface. The high density of sebaceous glands in the face, scalp, centre of the chest, and back causes the seborrhoeic condition, and as such, blackheads, are most evident in these areas.

Serious Seborrhoeic Conditions


Teenagers have the highest cases of seborrhoea. When they reach puberty, hormonal changes increase the gland activity, and secretion becomes excessive. Seborrhoea, and also blackheads, are the basis of several skin diseases, particularly Acne Vulgaris.

Blackheads With Mild Acne Vulgaris

Blackheads on Seborrhoeic Skin   


Various Acne Conditions





Conventional Methods of Removing Blackheads

a) Squeezing with fingers
b) Squeezing with a metal blackheads extractor
c) Suction with a glass vacuum tube

All three methods are painful, the most being method b) and will leave scars, often permanently. When the skin is ruptured by these harsh treatment methods, it will become septic and develop acnes.

Method (c), however, can cause broken capillary conditions like the image below, and is also not very effective. Only the very superficial dead cells and dirt may be sucked away, leaving the condition with no evident improvement.

Broken Capillaries After Blackheads Suction

Broken Capilliaries After Blackheads Suction

Use of Cleansers and Scrubs

There are many cleansers and scrubs available in the marketplace, but apart from removing only surface dirt, some makeup, and dead surface cells, none can actually remove blackheads, as evidenced by the fact that despite whatever form of cleansers and scrubs one uses, it is still necessary for the aesthetician to physically remove blackheads by one of the conventional methods described above.

Wax deposits by Cleansers and Day/Night Creams

Worse still, most cleansers even deposit some amount of wax content onto the skin and into the pores after each application. Most cleansers, like most other day or night creams are made form standard formulations provided free by chemical suppliers of the skincare company, and such formulations contain high wax contents. Moreover, most conventional scrubs contain coarse and sharp-edged almond husk grains or pumice stones in harsh alkaline soap bases. The coarse grains (see micro image of sharp-edged grains below) will only damage the skin more by producing multiple cut lines on the surface skin, like the sand-paper action on a piece of wood, thus causing skin to rupture.

Sharp-edged grains in Conventional Blackheads Scrubs

Sharp-edged grains of Conventional Blackheads Scrub

The harsh alkaline soap base will also cause skin to rupture by its dehydrating action. When skin dehydrates, the dead cells are no longer bonded together by the sebum ( i.e. the natural emulsion created by skin's natural oil secretions and sweat excretions ) to form that vital protective acid mantle layer. They separated and the skin ruptured. The ruptured skin became prone to bacterial invasion.

Scaly Dehydrated skin

Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated Scaly Skin After Conventional Blackheads Cleanser

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