Benefits of Our 7X7 Matrix Compensation Plan

Under this plan, You can have seven affiliates directly below You as your frontline affiliates, and you also get paid seven levels deep on sales transacted by those recruited by your frontline affiliates. The pattern continues as long as there is a downline.

Although this plan operates much like a unilevel plan, it has one main difference. Each distributor can only sponsor 7 frontline affiliates. Any additional affiliate must be placed further down in your organization - such as your second level - and placed under another affiliate.


Why This Is a Great Plan

With a limited number of direct affiliates underneath you, you get 3 VERY Effective Benefits.

Recruiting. Because your team is limited in size, you don't have to go out and find endless leads to help build your business. Once the 7 spots are filled, they're filled. There's always going to be attrition, but because you're working with only a handful of people, it's easier to focus and work one-on-one with them. 

Production. Since you're no longer worried about finding another lead to join your business, you can work with your frontline team, and help them build their own downlines. It is more easily duplicatable. Your downlines will appreciate and love you and become extremely motivated.

Spillover. Once your frontline is full, anyone else you recruit into your business automatically moves down the chain below one of your team members. Being part of this 7X7 matrix, once you have 7 affiliates in your frontline, the 8th is placed beneath one of your frontline leaders. This helps build your frontline team very quickly. 

Drawbacks of Other companies' Matrix Plan

A huge disadvantage of most companies' matrix plan is that you don't have much control over how you build your team.

If you're recruiting your friends, and want them all in one branch of your downline, it's difficult to do so, as new team members get dispersed through the matrix. It can be done, but requires some extremely careful advance planning.

Signing them all up under yourself, they would all be competing with each other, rather than working together to build a strong branch. 
With Dr Pierre's matrix plan, we ALLOW You to decide where You want to position your new affiliates. This structure is much more appealing, as it gives You more control over your business and it increases the amount of teamwork. 
Another drawback occurs when affiliates drop out. If they haven’t sponsored anyone, then you can just start building again at that spot. However, if they have sponsored other affiliates, their vacancy now creates a “hole” in the matrix that you can’t plug. This is a position for which you can never get paid. 
But don't fret! With Dr Pierre's matrix plan, it features compression, which pulls one (or more) affiliates up from below to fill the hole. Now your matrix is once again full – or at least empty only at the bottom where new affiliates can join. 
In summary Dr Pierre's matrix compensation plan is very rewarding to both new comers and gun recruiters particularly once you get to understand our compensation structure in its entirety. Like most compensation structures this model does offer the potential to earn a very high income if you are willing to put in the work. 
However, as discussed elsewhere in our website our company and our business has more than 30 years of proven track record with a mammoth amount of live product end-user testimonials (not paid celeb endoresements) AND NOT purely basing on the compensation plan. 
Moreover, we DO NOT markup our products pricing in order to cater to this 7X7 matrix plan payout. The pricing now is identical to past pricing before we launched this 7X7 matrix plan.